Art@Sloane, a biannual art exhibition of work by CFA School of Visual Arts artists at Sloane House, began when BU President Robert Brown and Beverly Brown moved into Sloane House in 2005. At a reception held for each show, the student artists present their work at a “salon,” or opening.

To curate the exhibitions, Dr. Beverly Brown and Sloane House staff work with the College of Fine Arts to select artwork for display within the BU President’s residence. Drawn from both student work and CFA collections, these works highlight the rich variety of works collected and generated by the students of the College of Fine Arts.

The Art@Sloane program was established in 2005 as a collaborative effort between Dr. Beverly Brown and the College of Fine Arts. The Browns seek to promote the talent and depth of those enrolled at CFA through showcasing work by its School of Visual Arts students. Throughout the academic year, the Browns host multiple events attended by various prestigious guests, each of whom receives a tour of the current artwork exhibited. The home functions, in a sense, as a high-end gallery for the University’s student artists each semester.

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