VASI Curriculum

The VASI curriculum is modeled on the foundation courses taken by all Boston University School of Visual Arts undergraduates.  All VASI students enroll in the following classes and workshops throughout the 4 weeks of the program.

Drawing is a critical skill for artists working in any field.  Drawing is the key component of the VASI curriculum and students spend a minimum of 12 hours a week in drawing class with a focus on drawing from observation, including drawing from live models. Please note that the live model will be nude for most of the sessions. Students must feel comfortable with nude figure drawing to participate in the program.

Painting class allows students to delve into the world of color using oil paint.  Students will learn techniques that have been used by artists for centuries while painting still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and the figure.

Sculpture allows students to create in three dimensions. These skills are valuable to all kinds of artists including architects, animators, and product designers. Materials used in Sculpture change each year, and have included clay, cardboard, wire, and found materials.

Printmaking provides an exciting opportunity for experimentation by bringing together elements of drawing, painting, and design.  Students work on relief prints and monotypes in the School of Visual Arts’ state of the art printmaking facility.

Art Conversations gathers VASI students, faculty, and staff together to discuss topics including contemporary issues in the arts, portfolio development, and the college admissions process.

Special Workshops are chosen every year to give students a chance to work with a variety of art mediums. Past workshops have included photography, graphic design, and community-based arts projects.


Monday – Friday
  • 7–9 a.m: Breakfast
  • 9:30–12:30 pm: Class
  • 12:30–2 p.m.: Lunch and studio time
  • 2–5 pm: Class
  • 5–7 pm: Dinner and Free Time
  • 7–10 pm: Studio time or evening activities (movie night, gallery openings, theater events, etc)
  • 11 p.m: Curfew (Sunday through Thursday)
Friday – Sunday
  • Special workshops, studio time, scheduled field trips and excursions.
  • 12 midnight: Curfew (Friday and Saturday)

In the Studio

At VASI, all students are assigned their own studio in the School of Visual Arts’ undergraduate painting studios. The studio is theirs to do with as they choose during the VASI program, and is where they can work on class projects, assignments, and work of their own choosing.  Having their own studio and taking part in the rigorous curriculum that VASI offers allows students to experience life as an undergraduate visual arts major.  At the end of the program, VASI faculty, staff, and guest critics tour the studios to offer individual critiques of each student’s work.

Final Exhibition

After spending the summer creating amazing artwork, it’s only natural to want to show it off.  At the end of the program, all VASI students participate in installing an exhibition of their work in the University’s Gallery 5.  This exhibition is open to the BU community and the general public, and friends and family of the VASI students are invited to a reception in the Gallery at the end of the program.

Rules & Policies

Please review the VASI Rules & Policies here.