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As a small art school nestled within a top-tier research University, BU School of Visual Arts is a close-knit and committed community. SVA’s painters, designers, sculptors, and printmakers feed into and grow from the dynamism and resources of the campus at large. While there is nothing like being on campus to experience Boston University, we have introduced many opportunities for you to connect with the BU College of Fine Arts community and speak with us both in person and virtually.

Why School of Visual Arts?

Get a peek behind-the-scenes of our classrooms and studio spaces. Students studying at the School of Visual Arts are energetic, curious, and highly focused on their artistic practices while also willing to engage with the intellectual and cultural life of the campus.

Tours and More to Explore

Tours and Information Sessions

We are happy to host you on campus for a student-led tour of the School of Visual Arts. Please select the appropriate link below to schedule your tour. Please note that tours will not be available on weekends or holidays when the University is closed.

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Facilities, Studios, & Galleries

From studios to classrooms, galleries to workshops, take a look at the resources, tools, and environments dedicated to artists and their work at BU.

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Explore Degrees

Learn more about SVA majors, minors, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs both on-campus and online.

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Looking for information and details about BU School of Visual Arts? We are available to answer any questions you may have! Reach out to jcaccamo@bu.edu or call us at (617) 353-3371.

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