CDS Faculty Fellows

Ana Fiszbein (2022)

Ana Fiszbein joined the Biology faculty in January 2021. Drawing on molecular, computational, genomics, and evolutionarily approaches, her research focuses on the mechanisms, regulation, and evolution of mammalian gene expression. Her current projects are focused on understanding the mechanistic connections between transcription and splicing in human transcriptomics, and their dysregulation in cancer. Her recent sponsors include the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Massachusetts Life Science Center, and the Smith Family Foundation. She is the 2021 Innovation Career Development Professor at BU, and a Junior Faculty Fellow of the Hariri Institute for Computing. The author of seminal articles published in top journals, book chapters, and patents, Ana holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Buenos Aires, and was trained as a postdoctoral fellow in Computational Biology at MIT.

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Dokyun Lee (2022)

Dokyun “DK” Lee is a Kelli Questrom Chair Associate Professor of Information Systems and Digital Business Fellow at Questrom School of Business. He studies the responsible application, development, and impact of AI in e-commerce and the digital economy with a heavy focus on the economic impact of textual data along with content extraction, understanding, and engineering. He runs the Business Insights through Text Lab. He is a recipient of ISS Gordon B David Young Scholar and MSI Young Scholar Awards. His research has won multiple best paper awards and is supported by organizations such as Adobe, Bosch Institute, Google Cloud, Marketing Science Institute, McKinsey & Co, Nvidia, and Net Institute.

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Debarghya Mukherjee (2022)

Deb Mukherjee will be starting as an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics in Fall 2023, after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Michigan where his research focused on the analysis of complex statistical models, especially in high dimensions, where the geometry of the problem becomes extremely relevant. Beyond dealing with independent data settings, Deb is now starting to explore models that capture data dependency, e.g., spatial or temporal dependence under some mixing condition. He is also actively working on algorithmic fairness, domain adaptation, and domain generalization, all of which fall within the purview of constrained classification. One of his key goals is to delve into the connections among these fields that allow the development of machine learning methodologies for optimal transfer of knowledge from one domain to another while preserving fairness. More on Deb’s background is available on his website.

More on Deb’s background is available on his website.

Chris Chao Su (2022)

Chris Chao Su is an Assistant Professor of Emerging Media Studies at College of Communication and the East Asia Studies Career Development Professor at BU. His research focuses on online media audiences, social media analytics, and mobile media use and consumption. Broadly speaking, his research explores how media audiences take shape in an increasingly fragmented digital media environment using computational methods. His previous work also examines the diverse effects of media affordance, with respect to the relationship between social media use and political behaviors. He holds a PhD in Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a MA from New York University, a BA in Journalism from Wuhan University with a minor in Computer Science. He was a postdoctoral researcher at University of Copenhagen prior to joining Boston University.

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