The BEE Lab IS currently accepting applications and interviewing people for research positions beginning in the Summer or Fall of 2023. Research Assistant positions in the BEE Lab can include Volunteer, Directed Study, or Work-Study. If you are an undergraduate at Boston University who is interested in joining the BEE Lab team this year, please fill out the application below. All Research Assistants are required to work in the lab in person for a minimum of two semesters. We do NOT offer summer internships.

Being fluent in Spanish, having a car, and prior experience with children are pluses but are not required for the position. BIPOC students and others from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. These positions are competitive. If you have any questions, please contact

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We rely upon our families to help us learn more about how kids develop. We would love to meet you!

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Want to volunteer? Research Assistants in the BEE Lab learn about developmental neuroscience techniques and behavioral research while working with young children and their parents. A friendly personality and prior experience with children are essential!

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