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We study the representations and computations supporting object, numerical, and future-oriented cognition across development, with the goal of illuminating the basic building blocks of human cognition.

Lab News

  • We welcomed our new PhD student, Rahma Mbarki!
  • Praveen Kenderla successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Kenderla!
  • Lab alumni Shiba Esfand and Lina Not were both accepted into their top-choice graduate programs! Shiba will be headed to UCLA to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and Lina will be headed to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to pursue a Masters degree in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology.
  • Dr. Chen Cheng accepted a position as Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Congrats, Chen!
  • Jessica Applin successfully defended her dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Applin!
  • Rakiya Washington has been selected to receive the Outstanding Student Researcher Award from the Boston University Research Opportunities Program. Well done, Rakiya!
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Recent Publications

  • Visual memories bypass normalization Psychological Science
  • Rules infants look by: Testing the assumption of transitivity in visual salience Infancy
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  • Give us a call (617) 358-1830
  • Visit us Room 109, 64 Cummington Mall Boston, MA 02215

Information for Students

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