Frequently Asked Questions

What does participation typically involve? 

Families typically spend a few hours with us playing fun games, answering questions, and doing different activities together. The specific length of your visit and the accompanying activities will vary depending not he study in which you are participating. You’ll be provided detailed descriptions of every activity specific to your visit prior to coming to the BASE Lab.

Are there studies I can participate in? 

We’re always looking for new families! Please visit our ‘Join a Study‘ page to learn more about the ongoing studies in the BASE Lab. You can also complete this interest form to learn more about the other studies taking place in the Child Development Laboratories at Boston University.

Will I receive compensation for participating?

In addition to providing free parking and childcare, families are typically offered compensation for their time. However, the level of compensation varies by study.

Where is the BASE Lab?

We are located in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at 64 Cummington Mall in Boston. Please visit this site for detailed directions to our lab.

Is parking provided?

Yes! Parking is available directly across from our lab. A lab member will meet you when you arrive and provide you with a parking pass.

Is childcare provided? Can I bring my other children?

The BASE Lab provides trained research assistants to provide childcare for siblings during lab visits. Our lab manager will work with you prior to your visit to ensure childcare needs will be met. Below is one of the programs we use to train our childcare professionals.

PRIDE Skills Childcare Training

How and why do you collect heart rate?

During many of our studies we ask to collect measures of heart rate using a small wireless transmitter and three electrodes. The system we use is light weight (8 grams), hypoallergenic, and has been validated for use with newborns to adolescents. The experience of using the electrodes is very similar to wearing a sticker. We work with parents and their children to ensure they feel comfortable with every aspect of the collection of heart rate, and parents are shown how to apply the electrodes to themselves and their children. Collecting information on heart rate provides critical insight into how parents and children regulate during various activities in the lab.

More information about participating in research at the Child Development Laboratories at BU can be found here.

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