The BASE Lab is comprised of scholars interested in bringing interdisciplinary expertise and innovative methodologies to bear on important questions in child development.

Here are a few examples of questions we are working to answer:

  • How do early social experiences and components of children’s temperament and self-regulation interact to influence children’s adaptive and maladaptive developmental trajectories?
  • How do early experiences become embedded in the neurobiological systems that support children’s emotion learning and regulation?
  • In what ways do parents influence children’s social and emotional development, and how do children’s temperament and self-regulation impact these processes?
  • In what ways are empathy, guilt, and prosocial behaviors socialized across childhood, and what are the consequences when these normative processes are interrupted?
  • What are the early developmental precursors to callous-unemotional traits? In what ways do CU traits contribute to risk for aggression and psychopathy?
  • What are the implications of early exposure to environmental adversity and stress for social and emotional development?


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Research Assistants: The BASE Lab is always interested in working with outstanding undergraduate and post-graduate research assistants.

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