Pave the way for a bright professional future, and do it in Boston, a city pulsing with opportunity and innovation.

A master’s degree from Boston University will set you apart from your peers, preparing you for a leadership role in your chosen field or an advanced degree. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers 40 MA and MS programs, and many of our professional master’s programs require only one year of study.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the MA and MS programs, along with links to their respective websites where you can find additional information related to program. In addition to our MA and MS programs, we also offer a number of Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (BA/MA) and Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science (BA/MS) programs. For more information on these program, please visit our Dual Degree Programs page.

For a complete guide to programs, policies, and courses at BU, please visit the Bulletin. Requirements listed in the Bulletin take precedence over information found elsewhere, and include:

  • Descriptions and criteria for programs offered in each of BU’s schools and colleges
  • Department information
  • Courses offered each year
  • Student resources and groups or associations related to specific programs, as applicable
  • University-wide policies and their school-specific counterparts (when distinct from University criteria)
  • An archive of programs, departments, and courses from previous years

Master’s Programs