If you are unable to honor your RSVP or appointment, please cancel your appointment in Handshake at least 18 hours in advance so that our office may be notified and your spot may be given to another student.

Students who do not cancel their appointment by the 18-hour time frame will be subject to the Center for Career Development (CCD)’s no-show policy, which varies by appointment or event type:

A first or second strike will result in your profile in Handshake being labeled and a corresponding warning email.

A third strike will result in a temporary suspension of all Handshake access that requires a one-on-one appointment with a CCD professional staff member to resolve the block.

Strikes are tracked across all appointment types and are cumulative (i.e. no-showing an Career Counseling appointment and a Professional Clothing Closet appointment will result in a total of two strikes). Strikes remain on a student’s Handshake profile until the end of the semester.


Appointment blocks and event attendance are limited resources at the CCD. Staff, students, employers and campus partners work hard to prepare to best serve BU students. No-showing for a given appointment or event causes a negative impact on other students who are unable to register for those slots and on the staff and campus partners who spend time preparing for appointments (especially for employers who may be traveling to campus to meet with students). No-showing at events with BU employers can have an even greater impact on employer perceptions of BU students’ professionalism and reduce their willingness to work with BU in the future.