Congratulations! You got an offer. Now, how do you respond?


The first step is to fully evaluate the offer (or offers) you’ve received.


Once you decide that you do want to accept the offer, it is time to negotiate. Negotiating can seem scary. (What if they retract the offer?) In reality, the person making the offer will not be surprised or offended. It isn’t rude, and it won’t cost you the offer. After all, you are your best advocate in this situation. While you might not get everything you ask for, you definitely won’t get anything if you don’t ask.

Responding and Reneging

When you contact them, reiterate your interest and explain that you would like to negotiate. Be prepared to negotiate right then or to schedule a separate call or meeting.

If you accept an offer, you have made a good faith agreement with the employer. In some cases, you might even sign an employment contract at some point in the process. Reneging on your acceptance is highly discouraged unless there are extenuating circumstances.


Next Steps