Appearances shouldn’t matter, but they often do when it comes to an interview, first day on the job, or other professional introduction. You will be judged to a certain extent by your attire, and a clean, polished look can be reassuring.

Types of Professional Dress

Business Formal: Typically, business formal is a matching pants or skirt suit (often a dark color) with a button-down shirt and tie or a blouse.

Business Casual: Business casual is more open ended. Think dress pants with a button-down shirt or a pencil skirt or dress pants with a blouse and a cardigan.

Business Remote: Remote work is often even more flexible for what is considered appropriate attire. For example, a plain t-shirt or button-down shirt with jeans or shorts. This can vary widely depending on the organization, your role, and even who you will be interacting with on a given day.

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