As an international student, you have many possibile paths after graduation from BU but you may have questions or concerns on how to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Your Path

Start with Skill Building

Building the skills that will help you navigate applications, networking, and interviews can start with some preliminary preparation.

Set Career Goals

Not sure how to choose? Use the self-discovery step in our Career Development Cycle to begin identifying your interests.

Practice Talking about Your Strengths

If you have a hard time talking about yourself and your strengths, you are not alone. This is an important skill for both networking and interviewing. There’s no single way to practice this, but here are a few steps that can help.

  • Develop an elevator pitch (or professional introduction) for use in networking conversations and interviews.
  • Make a list of your skills, experience, and other strengths. For ideas, explore the skills needed for different careers with What Can I Do With This Major?

Build English Fluency

If not fluent in English, work on your language and writing skills. BU has a number of resources to help with these, including the COM Writing Center, the Educational Resource Center’s Writing Assistance, and the English Language Conversation Group.

Build Career Skills

From resumes/CVs and cover letters to interviewing and evaluating offers, there are numerous career skills that you can learn long before you need them. Explore our guides.

Gain Additional Experience

Experience is important, but it includes so much more than internships and jobs. Most employers consider a more holistic view of your qualifications, taking into account your skills, knowledge, and career readiness, as well as your experience.


Explore the options available through the Community Service Center.

Experiential Programs and Opportunities

Browse the extensive list of options at BU, including CCD-funded internships.

Student Activities

With more than 400 student groups to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Study Abroad

In addition to expanding your global experience, many BU Study Abroad programs incorporate internships or other hands-on experience.

Campus Employment

Explore the options available for working on campus, starting with the Student Employment Office.


Talk to your professors about any possible opportunities; undergraduates can also explore the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Office (UROP).


Explore the options supported by BU’s Fellowships & Scholarships office, including programs for before and after graduation.

Plan for Post-Graduation Paths

Work in the United States

Finding post-graduation employment in the United States requires advance planning, including working with the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) to obtain CPT or OPT work authorization.

Once you begin job searching, use GoinGlobal and Vault to explore employers who have previously sponsored employees with H1B visas. Browse our list of external resources for some additional suggestions on finding opportunities.

Additional Education

If you are thinking about another degree program, explore our guide to additional education, including information about the application process as well as other important considerations.