Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The BU Center for Career Development places diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of our mission to empower students and alumni. We celebrate all identities and experiences as we strive to support your career-ready skill building and confidence, as well as your engagement in lifelong career learning and development.

We recognize that systemic and structural oppression are real societal challenges. Not everyone has equal access to professional opportunities, resources, and networks. As a career team, we have an opportunity to combat inequality and bias in the world through the work we do with students and employers. At the CCD, we develop programs for and share resources with students and alumni of all identities and lived experiences in order to assist you in pursuing a meaningful career path and realizing your professional success.

Our staff bring unique perspectives to the work we do, and together, we acknowledge that being inclusive and accessible is important, ongoing work. Everyone deserves access to career support. Your sense of belonging matters to us — both while at BU and in your professional pursuits.

Our Commitment to You

We’re not only focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion—we’re taking action. We commit to the following:

Provide a growing list of online career resources, expand opportunities for engaging with employers, and offer a blend of virtual, on-demand, and in-person services to meet you where and when you need us.

Education & Representation
Integrate principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into our programming, and work to ensure our partnerships with employers and campus colleagues reflect these ideals. Expand representation of identities and perspectives in our programming that reflect our global, diverse community.

Continually educating ourselves to learn, grow, and reflect on how we can do better to be inclusive and equitable in our work supporting you and in our own hiring practices.

Resources at Your Fingertips

You want resources? We got them. Check out this evolving list of resources we’ve collected so far.

This Matters to Us: CCD Voices

From Members of Staff

As a first-generation college graduate coming from an immigrant family household, I always made sure that I sought out and took advantage of every opportunity that was available to me. I understand firsthand how opportunities can really shape one’s course of success and become impactful. I want to continue supporting students that come from a variety of different backgrounds because I believe that access to opportunities should be equitable.
Osin Ghimire (she/her), Career Counselor

Diversity, equity, and inclusion should be at the forefront of all our work. As our student body becomes increasingly diverse and as we discover gaps between populations of students that we serve, we must prioritize improving our services and our outreach to underserved and marginalized populations. To me, this work is about connecting people to resources, empowering them to lead authentic and fulfilling lives, and encouraging them to bring about positive change to their circles.
Jimmy Huynh (he/him), Data Analytics Developer & Coordinator of Assessment

As a first-generation college student, I understand the complexities of access, equity, and sense of belonging on a college campus and in the workplace. I am committed to approaching my work through an equity, inclusion, and belonging lens, as every person deserves to express themselves and pursue their career goals safely and without judgment.
Angela Richard (she/her), Assistant Director of Career Education