Congratulations to Haydee Torres – CAS Outstanding Service Award for Staff

Haydee Torres, Administrative Secretary, Clinical Psychology Program

Our nominator states that Haydee is “the glue that holds everything together. “She is always the first to arrive on site each day, greeting faculty, students, staff and patients with a warm smile and positive attitude. As second year graduate students begin to see their first clinical cases, Haydee demonstrates patience and warmth, naturally taking on the role of educator by teaching our young clinicians how to use the communications, electronic medical records, and billing systems required by our clinic. When a clinician calls in sick, Haydee leaps into action, calling patients and rescheduling lessons. Passing by our reception area, it is not uncommon to find Haydee engaged in conversations with a nervous prospective patient. [And with Spanish as] her first language, many of our bilingual and/or Spanish speaking patients feel even more comfortable and confident. [Haydee] inspires us all to adopt her model of treating everyone with great respect, valuing all as an equally important member of our team.”

CAS Outstanding Service Award for Staff