Get a BA in Astronomy at BU

The Department of Astronomy provides a range of courses and programs for students to discover and learn about the Universe. Our introductory astronomy courses range from the historical development of astronomical study to a look at exoplanets and star systems far beyond our galaxy. Our BA programs include in-depth courses for students interested in majoring in astronomy, astrophysics, and geophysical planetary fields. The minor in astronomy invites students an opportunity to explore principles of astronomy, physics, and mathematics while continuing their major study elsewhere.

Astronomy Department undergraduates also often participate in research at the forefront of astronomy and planetary science under the guidance of a faculty member. The majors offered by the Department of Astronomy prepare students for further graduate education and/or technical and scientific careers in fields such as computing, education, management, writing, and data science.

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Undergraduate Program Administrators

Jeffrey Hughes

Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Anne Smartvlasak

Department Administrator