Researchers in the Department of Astronomy at Boston University are engaged in a number of programs to understand how stars, their protoplanetary disks and their orbiting exoplanets form and evolve.

Faculty with Related Research

  • Chuanfei Dongstar-terrestrial planet interactions in our solar system and beyond; magnetic reconnection and turbulence; wave-particle interaction; physics-informed machine learning; high intensity laser-plasma interaction
  • Catherine Espaillatyoung stars, planet formation, circumstellar disk structure and evolution, multiwavelength variability, radiative transfer modeling
  • JJ Hermeshigh-precision observations of the endpoints of stars, planets, and binary systems, asteroseismology, time-domain astrophysics, space-based photometry, persistent gravitational wave sources
  • Philip Muirheadexoplanets, low-mass stars, instrumentation
  • Merav Ophercomputational and theoretical plasma physics in space and astrophysics; interaction of the solar system with the interstellar medium; solar wind; shocks in the lower corona, T-Tauri and solar-like stars

Research Facilities

We make heavy use of both ground and space-based telescopes including: