Undergraduate Students

Boston University Astronomical Society (BUAS)

For decades the BUAS has been an integral part of the undergraduate experience in the Astronomy department. Activities include movie nights, telescope building, groups trips to Boston-area events (such as the Museum of Science Planetarium), and observation of the Boston sky.


Graduate Students

BU Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The Boston University Graduate Student Organization hold meetings and sponsors activities and events that are open to all graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Other Student Groups

Women As Leaders in Astronomy (WALA)

Women As Leaders in Astronomy, or WALA, is an informal meeting group open to all women in the department (including undergraduate students, graduate students, research staff, research scientists, postdocs, and faculty). The aim of the group is to increase interactions and foster a positive community of women in the department, spanning all career levels. At our meetings, we discuss topics of relevance to women in STEM, and engage in more relaxed social activities.