Faculty Conducting Research in Space Physics

  • John Clarkeplanetary atmospheres, UV astrophysics, FUV instruments for remote observations
  • Chuanfei Dongstar-terrestrial planet interactions in our solar system and beyond; magnetic reconnection and turbulence; wave-particle interaction; physics-informed machine learning; high intensity laser-plasma interaction
  • Jeffrey Hughesspace physics, space weather, magnetospheric dynamics, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling and aurora
  • Wen Lispace plasma waves, Earth’s magnetospheric physics, solar-wind magnetosphere coupling, energetic particle precipitation, Jovian magnetosphere and aurora
  • Carlos Martinisionospheric physics, space physics, thermosphere/ionosphere plasma irregularities
  • Michael Mendillospace physics, planetary atmospheres, observations and models
  • Luke Mooremodeling and observations of planetary atmospheres, with a focus on the upper atmospheres of the giant planets and on the coupling between atmospheres and the space environment
  • Merav Ophercomputational and theoretical plasma physics in space and astrophysics; interaction of the solar system with the interstellar medium; solar wind; shocks in the lower corona, T-Tauri and solar-like stars
  • Meers Oppenheimcomputational and theoretical space plasma physics, dynamics of the ionosphere and solar atmosphere, particle-wave interactions in plasmas, physics of meteor trails

Research Scientists Conducting Studies in Space Physics

  • Jeffrey Baumgardnerdesigning and building low-light-level imaging instruments, and their scientific application to the aeronomy of Earth and solar system bodies
  • Yakov Dimanttheoretical studies of plasma instabilities at the lower ionosphere and related macroscopic phenomena, theory and simulations of meteor plasma and related phenomena, ionosphere-Magnetosphere coupling through anomalous conductivity, theoretical studies of plasma instabilities at the solar chromosphere
  • Steven Smithimaging and study of gravity-wave activity in the night-time mesosphere, imaging and study of the lunar sodium tail
  • Bertalan Ziegerspace weather and space climate, the coupled interaction of the solar wind with planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres