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There are 69 comments on Coronavirus Is Hitting the Cruise Line Industry Hard

    1. We got a cruise in May Catalina & Ensenada. We all don’t know what to do. We didn’t get the cancel insurance. Didn’t know all this was going to happen. we got kids too.

        1. We are booked for March 14. To Mexico from LA on Princess. Don’t know what to do. Just got through cancer treatment . This was going to be a celebration. I know ship are being very cautious. Maybe it’s safer then being out in the world. I don’t know

      1. We just returned from a cruise on the Carnival to the Mexican Riviera this past Saturday, March 14. It was the last cruise that ship was to make for the season and is now idling at sea with a quarantined crew of 1400. There was no viruses detected and we had a beautiful cruise. However, I live in an assisted living complex and in order to go back to my apartment I had to agree to go under an imposed quarantine. I can not have any visitors nor can I go out of my room.
        Let the Cruise line cancel your reservation, then you’ll get a full refund.

    2. We have a cruise booked for June going to Bermuda from NYC (Norwegian) I didn’t get the insurance. We cancelled and lost 25% of the cost. I think this is unfair because a crisis happened that’s not in our control. Safety should come before costs.

  1. We similarly have an Alaska cruise long planned for June 19 with final payment due late in March. At this point we are pretty certain (~95%) we will cancel given the current uncertainty in news/etc on how the virus will or will not progress. We had been holding out thinking something might break more favorable in the next few days news cycles but these hopes are fleeting rapidly. Our concern is not just for the cruise but also for all the travel legs (eg., airports, confined in plane etc, ..) just to get to cruise. No matter the industry’s care and best intentions for safety of customers, Logic says better safe than sorry … who wants to vacation in worry!



    1. We just cancelled our Mediterranean Cruise that was scheduled for June 20 2020 on the new Celebrity Apex. Just felt it wasn’t worth taking the risk for my wife and I. There is always next year.

      1. We are booked for May cruise in Mediterranean for ten days on NCL from Rome. We wanted to cancel the trip but NCL would not refund us as we did not buy any travel insurance from them. We are in a fix. Shall we wait or just forget the complete booking amount. We have paid the full cost of cruise for self and wife.

  3. My wife and I are cancelling our 7-day Princess cruise (west coast US & Mexico – April). Still flying to L.A., but for a land vacation now. One sick passenger and the entire ship is on 14-day quarantine. Why take that risk? I’ll be out $750 since Princess doesn’t consider pandemic to be a legitimate reason to cancel. It will convert to a ship’s credit because I got the insurance. Hope Princess is still around to honor it after this is over.

    1. We have the same cruise booked in 2 weeks. Probably will lose the money. Princess won’t reemburse. I got outside insurance. Need another reason to get money back. They won’t accept the Corona virus as a reason

  4. 6 of us booked in July for Baltic cruise on Celbrity, also doing Paris, prior. leave from SouthHampton, England. Going to meet tomorrow night and discuss a wait and see approach, still have til April to pay remainder. I would rather lose my down payment cruise, airfare, excursions, hotel than risk our health. Trying to keep an open mind and see in the next 60 days if this epidemic get worse or stabilizes. I feel almost certain situation in China is being downplayed.

  5. Slight factual error here: “The Westerdam…was denied entry at ports in five different countries after a female passenger was misdiagnosed with the virus.”

    As I recall, the denials of entry all took place BEFORE the passenger was (mis)diagnosed. In fact, at that point in time there were no reported cases of coronavirus on the Westerdam.

  6. We have lost 4K on a Caribbean cruise on princess. Corporate said if we get sick it’s our choice. We have over 35 cruises on princess. You would think loyalty would be considered.they are the lowest of the low. They let the diamond princess into the us so they could infect the west coast.

    1. Joe, The Diamond Princess is still in Japan, it never left; it never went to the US “to infect the west coast”. There is sooo much false information about COVID-19!

  7. We have a cruise out of Miami to Bahamas in mid-June. Thank God I got insurance right when I booked last year. Unfortunately anyone trying to get insurance after Jan. 22nd, they will not cover you because the virus was a “foreseeable” event. My co-worker has a Europe trip planned with fly into Italy, she tried getting insurance for trip and when I was helping her that the new notice on the AAA website/coverage section.

    Anyhow as for us, we will have 2 teens and 2 small kids, so playing it by ear and waiting it out.

  8. We have a 7 day cruise on Royal Caribbean in April to the eastern Caribbean and we are really concerned about whether we should cancel or not? We bought the insurance Would we be able to get a refund and how much?

  9. We were hoping to go to the Caribbean.. again.. but we have a 6 yr old with down syndrome, a heart defect and weakened immune system. Even though it’s just the Caribbean, we can’t know for sure where everyone else has been and our doctor advised us to skip this year.. this was going to be my seventh cruise and our kids fourth cruise but we just can’t take that chance!

  10. Do you think cruise lines will offer deeper discounts for 2021 cruises because of this virus and lost travel? We are planning a September 2021 Rhine River cruise and are scheduled to book it soon. Should I wait for a better deal?

    1. We are also going to bahamas in early april with royal carribean. I have been doing lots of research as i have already paid and was getting a little worried. To my understanding, there has only been 1 cruise ship that had positive outbreaks and that ship was a closed loop cruise in asia. There have been “scares” on a couple other ships but only because a person or two would have flu-like symptoms. Nobody outside of asia has been diagnosed or come in contact with the virus on a cruise ship. Me and my family are still going to Bahamas in April. And i strongly suggest you do too. (Bring lysol wipes and purell for plane ride)

    2. We are on that cruise, also! Who do we ask to make sure Disney tests each passenger before they board? And then I guess re-test each passenger who departs and reboards at any stop along the way? I sure don’t want to be out of work for 4 weeks instead of just the one planned if we get quarantined.

      1. Disney says they will be checking passports and will not allow passengers onboard who have traveled to infected countries- but?? They are also stepping up their cleaning g systems training etc Not sure what all of this means We are in wait and see mode

  11. Cruising to Aruba, Bonnaire in mid June on Carnival Planning to drive to the port of Miami to minimize the risk for the virus. But for now, still planning to roll the dice and go.

  12. Unless our specific ship, or the areas it is visiting, have an outbreak of COVID-19, we are going as planned. Be cautious, be aware, but please don’t let paranoia take over.

  13. My cruise is out of Port Canaveral going to the Bahamas 9 days from now. My friends and I are packing our sunscreen. This is my last Spring Break of my college life, and I’ve been looking forward to this cruise every day for two months. The only thing that would stop me is if COVID-19 became confirmed in the FL areas or the Bahamas.

    1. We leave Saturday from Galveston going to Florida and the Bahamas. No COVID-19 in These places so we feel ok about going. Got my Lysol packed and ready to cruise. I think so much of this is being overdone.

  14. cancel..why you would want to take a chance ..is beyond me…its not just about ports in Asia..i have been on many cruises and people come from all over the world…it takes one passenger.money is not everything…and if you lose some money it is better then risking losing your health or even your life

  15. My family and I leave March 7th from Miami. I have no intention of cancelling. In my opinion people are freaking out without being informed. 87 percent of people that test positive don’t even show symptoms or get sick. The ones with compromised immune systems, cancer, lots of other health problems are the ones it hits hardest. I plan on having a great time, and enjoying snorkeling in Aruba!

  16. Dont take the risk, if you are bummed bec you already paid, think of the consequences. Its better to be safe than sorry. Only those who have little concern for their well being will go. You dont know how hard it is to be stuck in a place where youre 100x more vulnerable. I should know because I was in Japan cruise.

  17. We are leaving for the Caribbean on Monday, for 12 days, on the Reflection. Will be so nice without too many people LOL will have the ship to ourselves can’t wait

  18. Whether to go or not is always going to be an “it depends” scenario. You must weigh out the risk you are comfortable with. My family and I have 2 cruises planned this year (Mexico and San Juan) and intend to go on both. However, I would probably cancel a cruise in Asia right now. We are concerned about our health and well-being on a daily basis, but also recognize that there are a million things that could harm us every day of our lives. Every day we leave our houses contains an element of risk. How ironic would it be to cancel your cruise, only to get exposed to the virus anyway in your hometown, which I believe is probably what will happen. Cruise on, but be thoughtful.

  19. My husband and I are taking my family on a Disney Cruise for 4 days mid April to the Bahamas I’m told my insurance does not cover the Corona situation
    But I don’t want to cancel Am I crazy? We will have my 2 little granddaughters with us

  20. My best friend and I were planning to go on a carnival cruise from Miami to the Bahamas in May 5 day cruise for my 21st birthday we have not booked our cruise not even a deposit and the only thing we booked is our flight to Miami I’m considering just going to Miami and skip the cruise undecided. Is it safe to go on a cruise to the Bahamas during May?

  21. A few years ago we were on a cruise immediately after that ship experienced a virus outbreak. About 20 people got sick. The crew went into this hightened sanitizing protocol. After each crew member finished their regular work shift they reported to their protocol station and worked for four more hours basically cleaning every surface of the ship over and over and over again. Every time I stood up from a chair, someone literally swooped in with a spray bottle to wipe the entire chair (back, side, legs, etc.). If I was at a table, they wiped the table too. Not just in the food venues. This was at the pool, the theaters, the bars, everywhere. You couldn’t walk up or down the stairs until you were squirted with hand sanitizer. Every time you went from one area of the ship to another there was someone there to squirt more sanitizer into your hand. The buffet was no longer self-serve. At every station there were staff members waiting to serve you. You just pointed to what you wanted and they made your plate. It’s hard to imagine a germ of any kind could survive that sort of effort. During this Coronavirus thing I’m staying away from malls, theaters, just about any place that has lots of people. But knowing how they handle this sort of thing on ships, I wouldn’t hesitate taking a cruise.

    1. This, exactly! Yes, being on a cruise increases the chances of a highly contagious illness being spread among the passengers, but the cruise industry has been dealing with these rare occasions better and better over the years. I’d rather spend a week on a cruise ship than an hour on an MBTA train or trolley!

    2. Thank you for that detailed post, that makes me feel much better. We have a cruise booked for May 2nd of this year and although I am not as concerned about the virus, I am concerned the ports will not accept the ships. I booked this cruise specifically for the ports (Aruba, Bonnaire, and Curacao). I am really hoping they do not divert us to some other port that I dont want to go go. lol

  22. buenas compramos un viaje para el 4 de mayo justo va a salir de barcelona va hacia italia y francia, el virus esta mas fuerte en esos paises y ademas todo cerrado, no compramos el seguro pero esto ya es una causa no imputable a nosotros que quisieramos hacerlo.
    En la reserva va una sra de 80 años, como nos garantiza que no nos contaminaremos con el virus

    I am 80 years old and I need a guarantee since this is a threat

    1. All you have to do is watch the news. Not the news from the White House, news from the CDC. Today the CDC said they urge people over 60 with medical conditions not to fly. Age 70 would have a higher chance, age 80 even more of a chance to catch this virus. The President flew on Air Force One today and was in contact with someone that self-quarantined an hour after getting off the plane. You could be in excellent health at age 80, but if you are within 6 feet of someone that has tested positive, you could be infected. Please do not take this cruise. My father is 91 and his 2 young great grand kids, his granddaughter, a nanny and his grandson-in-law are taking a cruise in April. I am so concerned that they will bring this virus home and infect my father. I am seriously researching this each day and watch news programs each day. This virus is spreading like wildfire. Please don’t take this cruise

  24. canceling cruise – disney
    we purchased insurance and they say only 75% would be refunded. Is there any recourse to get a full amount now that the corona virus is spreading and impacting cruise travelers?

    is there a third party agency or law firm that is stepping in to assist travelers in getting recourse against these giant corporations?

  25. Corona virus is not the fault of a passenger that booked a fare on a cruise ship. It has now been shown being on a ship can be unsafe and life threatening if the virus somehow makes it’s way onboard. It is in the best long term interest of the cruise lines to allow people to cancel and totally refund the money when we are facing a world wide health crisis. Any cruise line refusing to do this will pay the price long term,. I personally would never again sail with a line that refused to give full refunds because of a global health crisis.
    This is a a disastrous time for the cruise industry however they can look at it as an opportunity to treat people well and fairly. People will always remember the company that refused refunds…

    1. I am booked on a cruise round Spain and Netherlands but they won’t let me cancel and say either I have to rebook this year or lose 6 grand so am not happy

    2. I am currently booked on an American Queen Steamboat cruise departing from Washington state. With the CDC warnings I think anyone who would go on it has their eyes closed. I am cancelling and so far the cruise line says I will lose $4000.

      Better than getting coronavirus.

      People who are cavalier about traveling on a ship during an epidemic might want to get some more information from reliable sources.

    3. Bill, I agree with your sentiments because NCL only refunded us 75% since we didn’t have the insurance. I’m hoping that changes after the CDC provided some updates about shutting down the cruise lines for awhile. However, I have made up my mind that I will not take my family on NCL ever again. That’s horrible they they won’t refund the full amount due to a global crisis which is not from our fault.

  26. We were scheduled to leave out of Tampa March 14th. We cancelled yesterday. Not so much in fear of the virus, but just don’t want to be quarantined out in the ocean somewhere for weeks or turned away from our ports of call. This was our 25th wedding anniversary celebration and it’s disappointing but not the end of the world. We did have insurance and will probably take a 25% hit but will be worth it. We would have been so paranoid about cleanliness and people sneezing and coughing.

  27. All I can say is I got off of a cruise in Feb on a Norwegian cruise and the line had members use gloves and then they removed gloves and then I got sick which lasted for a month. Then my sister in law got sick. I know it cost more than then the cruise for the doctor and the meds and how bad I felt stay away.

  28. Just came back from Princess Cruise early March. Have to say our cruise was wonderful, amazing food, crew, entertainment and ports. Yes it was a Princess cruise. If you cruise, these are my thoughts.

    What was blatantly obvious to me in current times, is the sanitary questionably of sharing serving utensils at the buffet. Princess provided:
    1. An enforced squirt of Purel at entrance (good) but not likely not enough…
    2. Then 3000 people used the same utensil to get bacon in the morning, then moved on to 8-12 other utensils to fill their plate each meal. Then toast, buns fruit etc we would eat with our fingers. Repeat for lunch then maybe dinner.

    Me? I used a napkin to pick up the server tools. I saw one person with gloves. My thoughts are that everyone should be provide with disposable gloves to serve themselves at the buffet, or have servers serving the food.

    A secondary precaution may be to avoid full elevators. They were sometimes crammed full.

    Remember- cruising is great! Lets hope this industry does what it takes to secure passenger safety so this somewhat affordable luxury can be enjoyed by many!

  29. Wife and I are on a cruise may 2nd fo Amsterdam, don’t know if those ports will even be open,really dont know what will happen. Just hope April weather will push virus away

  30. We was to go on the Carnival breeze June 13,2020 They let us reschedule for the following year and then Southwest cancel my airflight and gave me a voucher for the amount of money for a year everybody was wonderful about doing it and didn’t even question and we got a $600 credit on the boat

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