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There are 8 comments on Debating an Extraordinary First Debate: BU Experts on the Performances of Trump, Biden

  1. A FAR too large percentage of the US GDP is spent on politics and bureaucracy. Government should
    (1) safeguard the lives and property of its citizens and
    (2) coordinate the development of infrastructure.
    EVErYthING else will be done better and more economical by enterprising people if they are not taxed into poverty.

  2. The moderator of the next two presidential debates should have the ability to turn off Trump’s microphone if he refuses to follow the agreed-upon rules. He should not be allowed to continue to behave like a loud-mouthed gangster. You don’t follow the rules, you can’t participate, period. Throw your tantrum elsewhere.

    1. I agree and would add that Biden did enough interrupting to get the same treatment. If the Commission on Presidential Debates really wanted these debates to be of any use to the American people, they would turn off the mics for both candidates while the other is speaking, and have live fact-checkers calling out the candidates when they state a false fact. Otherwise, another debate like last night is just a waste of time.

  3. It is well past time for the Republican party to distance itself from this personality cult. That folks continue to stand for the type of behavior demonstrated by Trump at this past debate is astounding. I believe our republic is in grave danger. Racial, social, and environmental injustice abound -my fear is that we are nearing the point of no return. The Commission on Presidential Debates would do well to cut the mics and cancel the future debates between Trump and Biden.

  4. The fundamental problem with the debate structure is that it did not accommodate both the answer by one debater and real-time responses, when appropriate, by the opponent. With a 2-minute answer, uninterrupted, it is unrealistic to expect the opponent to standby while the other makes unsubstantiated, baseless assertions or attacks. (for both sides).

    In contrast, certain nightly news hosts skillfully balance answers as well as real-time responses, as appropriate. Although sometimes they get two people talking over each other … they manage to override this and keep the point-counterpoint discussion on-track and balanced. Also, they will work to get a direct answer to their specific question, rather than allowing a guest to dance-around the question and go off-topic. Unfortunately, the Presidential debate format that did not help to facilitate a good point-counterpoint discussion. Consequently, as much as he tried, Chris Wallace, was unable to control the discussion and extract useful facts and evidence of past achievements and future policies from each debater.

    With respect to the BU experts, good to see mostly constructive comments that were largely balanced. One, though, was clearly totally politically biased … consequently, I discounted those comments as being opinionated but not credible or helpful due to the political bias.

  5. I think the public would be better served if the Commission on Presidential Debates put the candidates in separate recording venues, asked each of them the same questions and presented their responses live for our comparison. The “debate” aspect of last night’s program was useless.

  6. so Trump interrupted Biden something like 72 times Biden and Wallace interrupted Trump about 67 times. I think Trump came out fighting because of the fake news he is shut basically out of the mainstream news media and local newspapers other than anything but bad. I side with Trump but I was impressed with Biden and the way he handled the debate, I thought the Democratic party should be happy.. and than the debate was over and on the ABC station I was tuned into didn’t start with wow good debate Biden.. noooo they jump right in with the attacks on Trump. Tit for tat or tat for tit. It was a debate and it was adult and full of energy and compassion. No need to shut off the mics they are not children, they don’t need censoring nor do the American people!

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