Transferring Schools within BU

When a student changes their undergraduate school or college at BU, the process is called an Intra-University transfer (IUT). The full policy regarding IUT can be found in the Bulletin. The IUT policy applies to undergraduates at all of BU’s schools except Metropolitan College and the College of General Studies.*  

What if, after spending some time on campus, you realize that you would rather pursue a degree in one of BU’s other undergraduate schools or colleges? Perhaps you entered the College of Arts & Sciences as a Biology major, but after learning more about Sargent, you realize that the Health Sciences major there suits you a little better. What should you do?

Students interested in transferring into a different college must meet with an advisor in the prospective college before applying to transfer. During that advising meeting, you should make sure that you understand what your new requirements will be, and you should explore how long it will take you to complete them.

In order to IUT, you must have a cumulative BU GPA of 2.0 or higher, you must have earned at least 12 credits in your original school or college, and you must successfully meet the Gateway Criteria of the new college. Usually the Gateway Criteria include earning a certain minimum grade in an introductory course or series of courses. These criteria are meant to ensure that you can be successful in your new school or college. To transfer into CFA, students must audition and/or submit a portfolio.  

*Students in the College of General Studies should talk with their advisor about the process of continuing into another school. A student in Metropolitan College who is interested in another BU college must apply as a transfer student through BU Admissions. Similarly, students interested in moving into Metropolitan College must apply through the MET Admissions Office.