AS 1

  • SDM EN 521: Endodontics
    This lecture course provides the dental student with a clear understanding of the biological foundations of pulpal and periapical disease. The causes and progression of these problems are discussed. Diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are introduced.
  • SDM EN 522: Preclinical Endodontics
    This simulated clinic course provides experience and skill development in the clinical therapeutic techniques being presented in the lecture course.
  • SDM GD 540: Preclinical Implantology
    "This course is designed to introduce to 2rd yr DMD and 1st year Advanced Standing DMD students a broad overview of dental implants. The course will consist of a combination of didactic classroom learning and simulated lab exercises, which will teach students to read CBCT scans, treatment plan and place a virtual implant into the scan with merged data from a file of a digital impression of the dentition, and then to fabricate an accurate surgical guide for its use in guided surgery; place and restore dental implant on a model; as well as restore overdentures supported by dental implants. The course will prepare the students to treat patients in a clinical setting using dental implants as a treatment option"
  • SDM MD 531: Pharmacology
    This course addresses the pharmacologic principles that underlie the appropriate clinical use of therapeutic agents. The efficacy and toxicity of major classes of drugs are covered with emphasis on implications in dentistry, including side effects in the oral cavity and drug interactions.
  • SDM OD 522: Oral Diagnosis and Radiology II
    The goals of this course are to present the advanced imaging techniques including extraoral imaging, panoramic imaging and digital imaging. Lectures and case presentations will prepare the students to analyze radiographs and be proficient in interpretation of caries, periodontal disease and periapical pathology. The students will also gain knowledge of the radiographic features of various jaw diseases including cysts, tumors, fibro-osseous lesions, systemic disease, infections and developmental diseases affecting the oral tissues.
  • SDM OD 531: Oral Medicine
    Lectures and case presentations illustrate the diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal lesions, oral manifestations of systemic diseases and their effects on comprehensive oral health care.
  • SDM OD 642: Clinical Radiology
    Students are exposed to and interpret radiographs for new dental patients, perform initial screening examination, and diagnose incoming patients. Working with faculty comprehensive-care team leaders, students gain the analytical and decision-making skills necessary to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and coordinate patient care.
  • SDM OS 520: General Medicine and Dental Correlations
    Lectures, case presentations, and demonstrations illustrate the relationships between the pathological processes of disease and their clinical manifestations. Emphasis is on the dental management of patients with complex medical problems.
  • SDM OS 521: Pain Control I
    This course presents the pharmacological aspects and indications for the use of local anesthetics as well as patient evaluation and detailed discussion of injections techniques. It will provide an introduction to the management of medical emergencies as well as prescription writing. A review of the relevant head and neck anatomy and neurophysiology will be covered. Each student will participate in a laboratory/clinical exercise which will be offered in the spring semester, prior to entering the clinic.
  • SDM OS 532: Pain Control II
    The course builds on the concepts presented in OS 521, and is designed to provide the dental student with a basic introduction to pain and anxiety control of the dental patient. Emphasis is placed on the psychology of pain, behavior techniques, nitrous oxide, oral and intravenous sedation, along with general anesthesia. Patient evaluation and the prevention and treatment of medical emergencies and management of anesthetic complications will be discussed.
  • SDM PA 530: Oral Pathology
    This course is focused upon the pathogenesis and differential diagnosis of common diseases affecting the oral and para-oral structures. Students should learn a systematic approach to evaluation and diagnosis of oral diseases.
  • SDM PD 521: Preclinical Pediatric Dentistry-Orthodontics
    This course is a comprehensive simulated clinic introduction to the techniques of pediatric dentistry and orthodontic techniques. Includes the technical aspects of restorative dentistry, space maintenance.
  • SDM PE 520: Periodontology I
    This course presents the clinical and microscopic characteristics of the periodontium in healthy and diseased states. Diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes assessment are discussed.
  • SDM PE 521: Preclinical Periodontology
    This clinical course includes experience in performing diagnostic and preventive periodontal procedures with student partners.
  • SDM PH 512: Professional Ethics Development
    Professional Ethics Development is designed to explore the personal and professional values of the dental student and the dental health professional. The course provides a historical and conceptual framework of dentistry, and presents the profession's code of ethics as well as explores some current ethical and legal issues affecting professional practice. The purpose of the course is to assist students in the transition from undergraduate school to professional school and ultimately into knowledgeable, skilled, and caring professionals. Students discuss the school's code of conduct and identify common values of the class, participate in case-based discussions and writing assignments to raise awareness about the personal and professional values involved in dental school and dental practice.
  • SDM PH 521: Behavioral Science
    This course identifies the behavioral framework for the effective delivery of health care. Discussions include effective behavioral modification models with respect to doctor and patient communication as well as behavioral aspects of managing patient pain and anxiety. The course provides students with knowledge to also assist them in their personal behavioral management as they transition from student to health care provider.
  • SDM PH 524: Preventive Dentistry
    This course is designed to introduce the philosophy of prevention of the various oral diseases as the primary approach to controlling oral disease, as opposed to focusing on treating disease. The approach also focuses not only on the individual patient, but also on the broader community as an entity. The course is intended to direct thought to the concept of maintenance of optimal levels of health through prevention.
  • SDM PH 541: Gerontology & Geriatric Dentistry
    A web-based course designed to provide foundational learning about aging, societal implications of aging, and management of oral health across the aging continuum.
  • SDM RS 521: Preclinical Operative Dentistry
    This hands-on simulated clinic course provides demonstrations, experience and skill development with the procedures related to direct and indirect intracoronal tooth restorations.
  • SDM RS 522: Removable Prosthodontics I
    This comprehensive lecture course addresses complete and partial denture construction.