Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine


The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (SDM) offers predoctoral and postdoctoral programs: the DMD (both the traditional four-year program and a two-year Advanced Standing program for internationally trained dentists) and advanced certificates and degrees in numerous specialties.


The Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine will be the premier academic dental institution promoting excellence in dental education, research, oral healthcare, and community service to improve the overall health of the global population.

We will provide outstanding service to a diverse group of students, patients, faculty, staff, alumni, and healthcare professionals within our facilities, our community, and the world.

We will shape the future of the profession through scholarship, creating and disseminating new knowledge, developing and using innovative technologies and educational methodologies, and by promoting critical thinking and lifelong learning.

We will do so in an ethical, supportive environment, consistent with our core values of respect, truth, responsibility, fairness, and compassion, and our operational values of excellence, service, and effective communication in synergy with the strategic plan of Boston University.

We will support this mission using responsible financial policies and philanthropy.

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