University Policy

Questrom School of Business Policy


Part-Time Status

The Graduate Academic & Career Development Center (Grad Center) manages the graduate class schedule and enrollment for all Questrom School of Business courses. Registration procedures vary by program. In some programs, students are automatically registered for required courses. For students in programs with elective options, students self-register using WebReg, which is found on the Student Link. The Grad Center communicates specific registration instructions to all populations each semester.

Class Schedule

Students register for courses online using the WebReg feature on the Student Link. To view the schedule, find the “Academics” tab on the Student Link, then click “University Class Schedule” listed below it. You may then select the semester you wish to view. Note: 100–500 level coursework is for Questrom undergraduate students, and 600+ level coursework is for Questrom graduate students.


Many core courses and most electives have prerequisites—certain courses that must be successfully completed prior to taking a specific course. Prerequisites are listed on the Student Link, PDF schedule, and Course Description Search website, all of which are linked from the Grad Center website.

Course Overlap Policy

Students cannot be registered and enrolled in two classes that meet at the same time as listed on the published schedule.


All students register for courses online using the WebReg feature on the Student Link. Through this system you may:

  • Use a student planner to map out your course selections prior to the start of registration. This function will allow you to submit all courses at once, instead of requiring you to key in each individual class on registration day.
  • View course titles, descriptions, meeting times, start/end dates, and classroom location.
  • Register for courses once registration begins.

Please note that students who have a bursar hold (unsettled student account) or who are not compliant with the University’s requirements for registration will be prohibited from registering for courses. For more information on WebReg, please visit the University Registrar’s website.

Registration for Non-Questrom Courses

Course enrollments are controlled by the respective schools and colleges within Boston University. For enrollment in a non-Questrom course, you may first try adding the course on WebReg. If you are prevented from adding the course, you will need to speak with the appropriate school for enrollment. To use non-Questrom courses toward your MBA, you must have the prior approval of both the host school and the Grad Center. For Grad Center approval, complete a BU Graduate Elective Request Form and submit it at least two weeks prior to the start of the class along with a course description and syllabus to the Grad Center. You will be notified of a decision within two weeks.

Student Enrollment Status

Students whose enrollment status (part time/full time) is inconsistent with the number of credits for which they have registered are considered “out of status” by the Registrar’s office and Student Accounting Services. Students who are “out of status” will have a hold placed on their student account and will not be included on instructors’ class lists. Students may change their official enrollment status by contacting their academic advisor.