Classical Studies

The Graduate Program

The Graduate Program of the Department of Classical Studies is designed to prepare students for professional careers. At its center is a structured program in the classical languages, in Greco-Roman culture, and in the perspectives and methods of innovative research on the classical world. The Department of Classical Studies encourages interdisciplinary and comparative literary, historical, and cultural studies embracing a wide range of areas. The department has particular strength in Greek drama, Greek and Roman epic, ancient rhetoric, Greek and Roman history, mythology, the translation and interpretation of classical literature, and the classical tradition in Europe and America. In addition, Classical Studies at Boston University has a very close working relationship with the departments of Archaeology, History of Art & Architecture, Philosophy, and Religion.

Graduates of this program are expected to have acquired a range and depth of knowledge of antiquity that will provide the basis for innovative scholarship as well as for professional careers in university or college teaching and in other positions that require a background in humanities. The department allows combined or comparative programs of study designed to take advantage of Boston University’s offerings in such other areas as the Romance languages, comparative studies in literature and the arts, archaeology, and philosophy, as well as the possibilities provided by cross-registration in the Boston Area Graduate School Consortium.

Further information is available at the department website and from the Classical Studies Department: 745 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215; 617-353-2427; email address:

Resources and Facilities


Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics, The Journal of Field Archaeology, and The American Journal of Archaeology are edited at Boston University.

Graduate School Consortium

Qualified students may enroll for courses at participating universities in the Boston Area Graduate School Consortium. Participating colleges are Brandeis University, Boston College, and Tufts University. Arrangements may be made on an individual basis with other institutions in the area.

Arrowsmith/Lindsay Library

The department maintains a reading-room library that includes a collection of texts from the estate of Professor William Arrowsmith. The collection is made up of Greek and Latin texts, basic reference works, and a variety of related materials. The remainder of the classical collection is housed in the University’s Mugar Library.

Computer Resources

The department has Macintosh computer systems designated for graduate research. These systems support several word processing programs for ancient languages and the following databases are available: the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae database of Greek texts; the PHI database of Latin texts; and the DYABOLA catalog of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome. From the department computers, students also have access to online library catalogs, and electronic research sites, email, and the Internet through the University Computer Network.

Museum of Fine Arts

Qualified students may apply for admission to courses of study at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. For further information, consult the Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Classical Studies.