African American Studies

The African American Studies Program explores African American and global black experiences in comparative perspective. The program trains students in the research and techniques needed to uncover connections and differences between populations of African descent and other groups within the United States and around the world. It is also attuned to the study of how power shapes these connections and differences, and operates with an intersectional understanding of how identities function across time and space. Our aim is to develop an appreciation of the impact of African-descended peoples on world history and in contemporary politics, thought, and culture, and also to prepare students with the relevant knowledge and skills to successfully implement them in any professional or scholarly direction they may choose.

Students who enroll in the MA program are encouraged to attend the program’s Lecture Series, which hosts significant scholars and cultural figures. Given that we are a boutique program, students are able to interact with these visiting figures and are also invited to help coordinate the various events throughout the year.