MFA in Cinema & Media Production

Note: We are not currently accepting applications for this program.

The MFA in Cinema & Media Production is designed as a challenging advanced degree for students already experienced and committed to a career in film, television, and new media production. The program is ideal for those with an undergraduate degree in narrative fiction film and television production or those with significant production experience.

It is composed of students seeking to advance their skills, with the aim of providing an opportunity to create an exceptional, groundbreaking film of professional quality that will launch their professional careers.

Each participant will specialize in their chosen discipline: directing, producing, or cinematography. Over the course of the 12-month program, students will be immersed in a collaborative environment within which they will produce a capstone production. The program is run on a mentorship model, with each student guided through the program by an advisor.

Upon admission, directors will collaborate with faculty on the conception and development of thesis project concepts. During the first term, directors will form thesis production teams with student producers, cinematographers. Coursework will revolve around the development, pre-production, production, editing, and completion of this project. Candidates will be required to present their finished short film(s) by September of the year following their admission and screen the film(s) by December of the same year.


A total of 48 units must be completed to receive the degree.

First Term (Fall; 16 units)


  • COM FT 812 CMP Core I (6 units)
  • COM FT 814 Production Lab I (4 units)
  • COM FT 816 Weekly Review and Critique I (4 units)

Choose one:

  • COM FT 552 Advanced Cinematography (4 units) for cinematographers only
  • COM FT 808 Line Producing (4 units) for producers and directors only


  • COM FT 525 Creative Producing (4 units) (elective for producers)

Second Term (Spring; 16 units)


  • COM FT 810 Web Promotion and Development (4 units)
  • COM FT 813 CMP Core II (6 units)
  • COM FT 815 Production Lab II (4 units)
  • COM FT 817 Weekly Critique and Screening (2 units)

Third Term (Summer; 16 units)

  • COM FT 852 Thesis Production and Workshops (16 units)


Candidates for admission to this program must demonstrate proficiency with the basics of contemporary film production. They will have studied basic editing, cinematography, lighting, and producing, and will be familiar with common video formats and cameras. Course records and a work portfolio will be a requirement for admission. In addition, candidates may have completed advanced production classes and will have made a film that demonstrates their aptitude.

In some cases, applicants who have spent considerable time in the industry and can demonstrate competence in film production at the level outlined above, as well as providing work that demonstrates their suitability for the program, will be considered.