Minor in Film & Television

Students must take 28 credits toward the Film & Television minor, including a prerequisite of COM FT 201, the core Film & Television course, with a minimum grade of C. All other courses must be taken with a C– or higher in order to count toward the minor. Two other requirements include COM FT 310, a screenwriting course, and COM FT 250 or FT 303, a choice of studies courses. The remaining 16 credits would be fulfilled by taking a combination of FT courses related to production, writing, management and producing, and film & television studies. These electives must be at the 300 level or higher.



  • COM FT 201 Screen Language (can be taken by first-year students) (must be taken with a C or higher)

Required Coursework (8 credits):

  • COM FT 250 Understanding Film OR COM FT 303 Understanding Television (students must choose one or the other)
  • COM FT 310 Storytelling for Film & Television

Elective Coursework (16 credits):

Students choose 16 credits of Film & Television courses at the 300 level or higher. These courses can be taken in a particular sequence, such as production or writing, or can be taken from multiple disciplines for a broader exploration of the department.