Transfer Credits

College of Communication Policy


Students wishing to enroll in courses outside Boston University and transfer those academic credits to count toward their degree must first have these courses evaluated and pre-approved by the corresponding BU school or department. The College of Communication does not allow specific major courses in COM to be fulfilled via transfer credit, but communication courses taken outside of BU can count as elective credit toward a student’s degree. Students can also petition to use transfer credit to waive out of certain specific requirements and/or prerequisites. Students would have to take an extra course through the college or department if a requirement is waived, however.

A minimum grade of C is needed for transfer. Credit is not awarded for courses completed on a pass/fail basis. Please see the COM Transfer Credit Approval Form on the Undergraduate Affairs website, or go to COM Room 123 for more information and specific details.

Some courses have already been evaluated for BU-equivalent coursework. BU maintains a database called TES where students can search to find appropriate coursework and ensure the credits will transfer without having the syllabus reviewed. BU also uses a service called Transferology. Please consult the Transfer Admissions office for more information.

Please note that external transfer credits cannot fulfill requirements within the BU Hub.

All COM undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 128 total credits to graduate from Boston University.

Pre-approved courses taken at outside colleges and universities carry no more than the number of credits earned at the host institution. For example, a 3-credit course transferring from another university on a semester system will transfer to BU for 3 credits. Courses taken at a campus working on a quarter or trimester system will see those credits transfer to BU for two-thirds (2/3) of the credit. For example, a 4-credit course transferring from another university on a quarter system will transfer to BU for 2.66 credits. Please keep in mind that non-BU courses will not count toward the BU GPA.


Graduate students cannot normally transfer credit from other institutions. In certain circumstances, however, the Department Chair and the Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs may approve up to 8 credits of transfer credit after the student has been enrolled for one semester of full-time graduate study.