Academic Probation

College of Communication Policy

Undergraduate Policy

A student is put on Academic Probation when they are in danger of not making sufficient academic progress toward their degree, having fallen below a 2.00 GPI or GPA, or not completed 12 credits in a semester. Students are reviewed after one semester on Academic Probation. Those who earn a GPI and GPA of 2.00 or above and complete 12 credits during the probationary semester will return to Good Academic Standing. Students also may not receive any grades of MG or I while on Probation. Those students who do not achieve Good Academic Standing (as defined above) during the probationary semester will move to Academic Suspension, Dismissal, or a second semester of Academic Probation, as determined by school officials. Students can be on Academic Probation for no more than two consecutive semesters. Academic Probation does not prohibit students from participating in extracurricular activities or intercollegiate athletics.

Additionally, all students on Academic Probation must complete the Academic Probation Contract in order to satisfy the terms of their probation. This will be sent to them shortly after probation is determined.

Students with financial aid may need to fulfill an appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress, which they would do by working with one of the advisors at COM Undergraduate Affairs.

Graduate Policy

Master’s Students

Graduate students’ academic progress is reviewed at the end of each semester. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress and be in good academic standing (defined as a semester GPI [grade point index] of 3.0 and a cumulative GPA [grade point average] of 3.0) can result in Academic Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal.

Academic Probation

A student is normally put on academic probation when the student earns a GPI and/or GPA below 3.0. At the discretion of the college, a student whose GPI/GPA is below a 3.0 may also be considered for suspension or dismissal. Students on probation may have their financial aid discontinued. Students are reviewed after one semester on Academic Probation. Those who earn a GPI and GPA of at least a 3.0 will return to good academic standing. Students who do not achieve good academic standing after the probationary semester will be subject to Academic Suspension, Dismissal, or an additional semester of Academic Probation as determined by the college on a case-by-case basis. Normally, a student can be on Academic Probation for no more than two consecutive semesters; however, the probation period is at the discretion of the department/division, in consultation with the college.

Please see the academic suspension or dismissal page.

Doctoral Students

A 3.0 (B) grade point average is required to qualify for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. If a student’s grade point index (GPI) is less than a 3.0 in any semester, the student’s record is reviewed by the department of enrollment to determine whether the student should be permitted to continue as a candidate for the degree, or should be placed on academic probation. A grade of C or D will not receive graduate credit. Please contact to see the Emerging Media Studies PhD Handbook.