Grades and Grading

University Policy

College of Communication Policy

Final grades, grade changes, transfer credits, or any other academic material necessary for a student’s graduation in May must be received by COM within five (5) days of official University Commencement in order to be included within the final audit of a student’s record. For January and September graduation, those deadlines are January 15 and September 15 of each year, respectively.

Students cannot retake coursework for credit. Courses taken more than once can only count once toward graduation, though grades for any courses that are retaken are still calculated into the student’s GPA. The grade received for a repeated course cannot replace the original grade.

Questions about a grade should be addressed first to the instructor of the course. If this does not solve the issue, further grievances can be addressed through the Grade Grievance Policy offered through COM Undergraduate Affairs (undergraduate students) or Graduate Affairs (graduate students).

Boston University has a policy regarding taking courses Pass/Fail. Undergraduate students can take up to two courses to be graded Pass/Fail rather than with a normal letter-grade. Only one course can be declared Pass/Fail per semester. Any course taken Pass/Fail cannot fulfill any degree requirement (including Hub, college, department, or major requirements), and therefore can only count as elective credits for graduation. If a student receives a passing grade in a course declared as Pass/Fail, that student will receive a grade of “P*”, which will allow the course credits to count toward an elective in the degree program, though the grade will not affect a student’s GPA. Students who fail a course that has been declared as “Pass/Fail” will receive a grade of “F*”, which will not carry credit toward a degree, and whose grade will impact the GPA the same as a normal “F” grade. Further information can be found on the University’s Pass/Fail Policy page. This policy does not apply to graduate students in the College of Communication.

Grade changes are handled by the instructor by consulting with the COM Registrar through COM Undergraduate Affairs. At times, the instructor’s department and/or Graduate Affairs may be involved as well. Grade changes are processed only when an instructor has miscalculated a grade, there has been administrative error, or if an Incomplete has been finished. Incomplete grades must also be accompanied by an Incomplete Contract signed by both the student and the instructor, a copy of which will be maintained at COM Undergraduate/Graduate Affairs. If Incomplete grades are not changed by an instructor by the deadline listed on the Incomplete Contract, the grade will automatically be changed to the grade indicated on the contract should missing work not be completed on time, as per COM’s Registrar’s office.