BFA in Art Education

The BFA in Art Education provides students with the opportunity to become skilled artists as well as to prepare for teaching art in Pre-K–12 settings. A rich complement of studio, education, and liberal arts courses are included in the degree. In addition to the academic requirements, students complete fieldwork experiences in art classes in local schools. Students may opt to complete one or two semester-long internships and become eligible for one or two licenses in the teaching of visual arts from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education—one for secondary and one for primary (either Pre-K–8 or 5–12). Each requires a 300-hour practicum in the field with an Art Education department–approved mentor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate studio skills necessary to teach a variety of media and strategies for embedding concepts.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of the methods and processes necessary to nurture artistic behaviors in students.
  • Design a developmentally appropriate scope and sequence of curriculum.
  • Develop and implement classroom practices that align with the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers and lessons that align with the Massachusetts Curriculum Arts Standards.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and ability to integrate contemporary art and issues into their community engagement, artistic, or teaching practice with a global and cross-cultural lens.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the broad needs of learners and be able to design classroom spaces, activities, and assessments that take into consideration issues of disability, trauma, emotional and mental health, and English language proficiency.


All BU undergraduate students, including both entering first-year and transfer students, will pursue coursework in the BU Hub, the University’s general education program that is integrated into the entire undergraduate experience. BU Hub requirements can be satisfied in a number of ways, including coursework in and beyond the major as well as through cocurricular activities. Students majoring in Art Education will ordinarily, through coursework in the major, satisfy a number of BU Hub requirements in Philosophical Inquiry and Life’s Meanings, Aesthetic Exploration, Historical Consciousness, Social Inquiry I, the Individual in Community, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, Ethical Reasoning, First-Year Writing Seminar, Writing, Research & Inquiry, Digital/Multimedia Expression, Oral and/or Signed Communication, Critical Thinking, Research and Information Literacy, and Creativity/Innovation. Remaining BU Hub requirements will be satisfied by selecting from a wide range of available courses outside the major or, in some cases, cocurricular experiences.

Art Education Program of Study

The BFA requires 132 semester credits.

Visual Arts Foundation Requirements
CFA FA 100 Doing, Making & Knowing: The CFA Experience 2 cr
CFA AR 131, 132 Drawing I 8 cr
CFA AR 141 Foundation Painting 4 cr
CFA AR 121 Foundation Sculpture 4 cr
CAS AH 111, 112 Introduction to Art History I and II 8 cr
Art Education Major Requirements
CFA AR 261 Introduction to Art Education 2 cr
Additional Drawing (1) and Printmaking (1) electives 8 cr
CFA AR 241 Painting II or CFA AR 242 Painting III 4 cr
The following courses are needed to meet state licensing requirements.
Design or Technology: CFA AR 123, 210, 225, 385, 389, 527, 581, 589 4 cr
CAS PS 101 General Psychology 4 cr
CFA AR 586 Child Growth and Development in Art Education 4 cr
CFA AR 470 Ceramics I 4 cr
CFA AR 243, 508, 515 Photography Course 4 cr
CFA AR 551 & 552 Processes and Structures I & II 4 cr
CFA AR 455, 460 Elementary and Secondary Methods in Art Education (3 cr each) and CFA corequisite CFA AR 456 Elementary and CFA AR 462 Secondary Pre-Practicum (1 cr each) 8 cr
CFA AR 565 Art, Access, and Inclusion 4 cr
CFA AR 558 Contemporary Issues in Art Education 4 cr
CFA AR 553, 554 Art Education Seminar: Curriculum and Instruction I & II (4 cr each) 8 cr
CFA AR 555 Practicum I 4 cr
CFA AR 556 Practicum II* 4 cr
History of Art & Architecture elective 4 cr
BU Hub Requirements Outside Major and Electives
BU Hub Requirements outside the major, including First-Year Writing Seminar (e.g., CAS WR 120) and Writing, Research & Inquiry (e.g., CAS WR 151/152/153) or equivalent 28 cr
Additional BU Hub Requirements and/or studio/general electives 4 cr
Total credits 132 cr

*If a student completes a single practicum for one license only, they will take 4 additional credits of electives.