MA in Art Education with Initial License

The Master of Arts in Art Education with Initial License offers art education practice and theory for students with an undergraduate degree in a studio discipline or on a case-by-case basis if they can demonstrate a strong visual arts practice. The program consists of courses in art education theory, methods, and materials including pre-practicum experiences and student-teaching practica to thoroughly prepare students to enter the field of teaching. Additional coursework may be necessary if undergraduate work does not satisfy minimum state requirements. The program satisfies the current Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requirements for the Professional License for teaching visual arts to children in Pre-K through grade 12.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the integration of studio skills acquired in visual arts classes used in the teaching of a variety of media and in strategies for embedding concepts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the methods and processes necessary to nurture artistic behaviors in students.
  • Design a developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Develop and implement classroom practices that align with the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers, using the Massachusetts Curriculum Arts Frameworks.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and ability to integrate contemporary art and issues into their community engagement and artistic or teaching practice, with a global and cross-cultural lens.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the broad needs of learners and be able to design classroom spaces, activities, and assessments that take into consideration issues of disability, trauma, emotional and mental health, and English language proficiency.

Art Education with Initial License Curriculum (Pre-K–8 and/or 5–12)

The MA in Art Education with Initial License is a 42-credit program that requires an average of four semesters to complete. Students may only enter in September.

CFA AR 655 Elementary Methods of Art Education 3 cr
CFA AR 656 Elementary Pre-Practicum 1 cr
CFA AR 660 Secondary Methods of Art Education 3 cr
CFA AR 662 Secondary Pre-Practicum 1 cr
CFA AR 565 Art, Access, and Inclusion 4 cr
CFA AR 558 Contemporary Issues in Art Education 4 cr
CFA AR 551 & 552 Processes and Structures I & II 4 cr (2 cr each)
CFA AR 586 Child Growth and Development in Art Education 4 cr
CFA AR 553 Art Education Seminar: Curriculum and Instruction I 4 cr
CFA AR 554 Art Education Seminar: Curriculum and Instruction II 4 cr
CFA AR 765 Practicum I 4 cr
CFA AR 766 Practicum II 4 cr
Education or studio elective 2 cr
Total credits 42 cr

Students select an elective in studio art or education in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor. Courses from which a student may select include but are not limited to:

  • CFA AR 547, 548 Principles of Painting Techniques
  • CFA AR 589 Interactive Design
  • CFA AR 597 Experience Design
  • CFA AR 747 Advanced Printmaking
  • SED AP 526 Family and Community Engagement
  • SED CT 534 A Practical Approach to Classroom Management
  • SED DS 502 Adolescent Development
  • SED SE 504 An Introduction to Early Childhood Disabilities
  • SED SE 505 An Introduction to Severe Disabilities
  • SED SE 510 Special Education Curriculum and Instruction
  • SED SE 534 Classroom Behavior Management
  • SED SE 535 Understand Autism
  • SED SO 520 Project Citizen: Promoting Civic Engagement

Students can also take a Directed Study 2-credit course with a studio professor of their choice.