Online MA in Art Education

The online Master of Arts in Art Education program is designed for teachers who already have state licensure or for individuals who are interested in the field of art education for reasons other than teaching licensure. Students design an individual course of study by selecting a combination of art education, liberal arts, and studio art classes.

The program allows students to concentrate on developing methods that teach children and adolescents to think visually and to create art that has personal meaning. Graduate students become a cohesive community of art educators and studio practitioners.

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Learning Outcomes

This is a professional development degree offered for licensed teachers. Upon completion of this program, students will:

  • Acquire and develop professional leadership skills grounded in the knowledge of theories and the history of art and art education, and related contemporary policies and practices.
  • Demonstrate the development of skills for academic research, scholarly writing, and art-based research practices culminating in a capstone qualitative research project.
  • Design culturally and developmentally appropriate art curriculum materials that respond to the needs of diverse learners, and reflect a knowledge of their local and national standards and community demographics.
  • Demonstrate continued growth, and sustain an artmaking practice that informs their research and teaching.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and ability to integrate contemporary art and issues into their artmaking and teaching practices with a global and cross-cultural lens.

Art Education Curriculum

Core Art Education courses (CFA AR 600, AR 620) 8 cr
Electives (CFA AR 610, AR 690, AR 680, AR 630, AR 670, AR 870, ME 548) 16 cr
CFA AR 890 or AR 892 Master’s Research Project (choose one) 8 cr
Total credits 32 cr

Curriculum Focuses

The Online MA in Art Education offers students elective choices along with two optional faculty-designed focuses as described below. This will give students the ability to custom fit a degree tailored to their individual educational goals and professional needs.

Arts Education Leader

Your creative spirit can add an entirely new dimension to educational leadership. The best leaders are creative problem-solvers and have access to a diverse skill set that enables them to be effective in many roles. Discover how your gift for managing a classroom and developing innovative learning strategies is of great value in building an educational community grounded in the arts. A student who graduates with this focus will be ready to assume an administrative role as a curriculum designer or Fine Arts program director, a professional development organizer, and an advocate for their institution and the value of arts education.

Core Courses and Required Electives:

  • CFA AR 670 Advocacy & Policy (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 680 Insightful and Creative Leadership (4 cr)
  • and two more electives of your choice

Artist Teacher

Great art teachers are informed and inspired in their teaching by possessing a strong personal relationship with art. Artist Teachers believe that art holds a valuable place in the fabric of our culture, which is why they take their role as educators so seriously. They feel an obligation to transfer their passion and love for the creative process to the students whose lives they touch. It is this strong belief that encourages many prospective students to seek new methods for instruction and delivery that serves as the impetus for creating a new generation of artists in our world. As a student who graduates with this focus, you’ll be exposed to the educational techniques and the artistic inspiration that will empower you as an educator to encourage more students to begin a relationship with art.

Core Courses and Required Electives:

  • CFA AR 690 History of Art Education (4 cr)
  • CFA AR 870 Summer Studios (4 cr); delivered on campus at Boston University
  • and two more electives of your choice

Self-Designed Program

In this program, you must take CFA AR 600, CFA AR 620, and one of the two Master’s Research courses, as well as four electives of your choice.

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