MA in Museum Education

NOTE: The Boston University College of Fine Arts is not accepting applications for the MA in Museum Education program at this time.

The Master of Arts program in Museum Education is a program of study within the art education department at Boston University. Students learn to teach visual art in a museum setting, to design curricula for museum educational programs, and to perform curatorial and administrative duties associated with departments of museum education. The program prepares students to address the contemporary educational needs of an art museum through training in education, museum studies, and arts administration. Skills gained are also applicable to art education programming in history and science museums.

Museum education students take courses from three University departments: art history, art education, and arts administration. The Master of Arts in Museum Education program is designed for students who have earned BA or BFA degrees in visual arts or art history and who wish to teach in cultural institutions other than public schools.

Museum Education Curriculum

  • Art Education coursework
  • Directed Study—Internship
  • Approved courses from art history and arts administration
  • Studio courses
  • Approved electives
  • Thesis