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  • CAS IN 250: Internships for Liberal Arts: Work and Identity -- Theory and Practice
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: sophomore/junior/senior standing; completion of Career Directions & Self-Discovery workshops offered by the Center for Career Development; and successful application for an approved internship.
    This course frames, facilitates, and guides students through an internship opportunity in a workplace setting within Boston University. It focuses on the essential skills and competencies for getting started and being successful in the workplace, as well as readings and written reflections on the link between academic and career goals. To learn more and apply, visit
  • CAS IN 299: CAS Undergraduate Internship
    Combines practical training in a professional setting with seminar-based coursework that encourages reflective learning and builds career readiness. Students spend a minimum of 90 total hours interning at a Boston-area placement site during the 14-week semester. The practical training imparted through each student's internship is complemented and refined by the academic component of the course, which includes 8 required 90-minute class meetings as well as individual and team-based assignments. Effective Spring 2024, this course fulfills a single unit in the following Teamwork/Collaboration.
    • Teamwork/Collaboration