Introduction to Oceanography

CAS EE 144

  • Scientific Inquiry I
  • Ethical Reasoning

Examines the physical, geological, chemical, and biological processes that govern that oceans with a focus on how the ocean is impacted by and also moderates the pace of global change. Dynamic nature of the oceans on both a short- and a long-term scale is emphasized. Marine Science majors are required to register for co-req CAS MR 144 as well. Effective Fall 2018, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Scientific Inquiry I, Ethical Reasoning.

FALL 2023 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Fulweiler CAS 522 MWF 2:30 pm-3:20 pm Mar science
majors must
enroll in
MR144 disc.

Note: this course was also offered during Summer Term

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