Boston University Study Abroad participants are required to live in program-sponsored housing. There are a few exchange programs which do not include the cost of housing in the program cost. Those are the only instances where a student has the opportunity to select their own apartment. Housing options will vary based on program and availability. Types of housing are:

Program Residences

    Program Residences are typically situated in close proximity to the university campus or facilities where classes are held and students can expect to live with other program participants.

    University Dormitories

      Dorms are located on or close to campus. Students can expect to experience communal living with other students enrolled in the university or the study abroad program.

      Local Homestays

        Some programs arrange accommodations with host families. Homestays help students further develop language skills and adjust to life in a new country. Households chosen to participate in the program represent a wide range of incomes and situations. Students typically eat a number of meals with host families and in some cases are given meal stipends for additional meals.

        Students can generally expect to live in a community with fellow study abroad students and are encouraged to embrace the housing standards of their host country. Each program page provides additional housing information for students, including physical accommodations, how meals are offered, and single-room availability. Boston University Study Abroad will advise and assist with housing concerns on an individual basis. To learn about the options available for your specific needs, please email

        Spring Study Abroad

        Your Boston University student account will continue to reflect spring semester on-campus residence and/or dining plan charges until you complete the residence checkout procedures (see the BU Housing website for information about petitioning for release from your Residence License Agreement). However, you may deduct these charges from the amount you remit to settle your student account by the spring semester settlement deadline.

        Room Selection for Returning to Campus

        An important administrative responsibility you have while preparing to study abroad is maintaining your housing status on the Boston campus. There are several things that you need to do before you leave, and you will need to complete your Housing Reservation while you are abroad. All of these details are outlined on the BU Housing website.