Here’s where your journey really starts to get going.

There are many aspects of local culture, language, and tradition that can affect how things like gender, disabilities, race, religion, and other identities are seen in other countries. Explore our resources for understanding how your experience may be impacted by your identity(ies).

There are many cultural and educational opportunities awaiting you on your chosen program, and we encourage you to learn as much as possible about your city prior to arrival.

BU and non-BU students who have been accepted into one of our programs will need to fill out pre-departure forms.

We also encourage all accepted BU and (if possible) non-BU students to attend a pre-departure meeting. Get the most recent schedule.

The US State Department Study Abroad website provides useful information for students and parents regarding country conditions, required documents, pre-trip preparations, health and safety, US missions abroad, emergencies, and emergency contact information.

Mandatory for all Boston University students:

All Boston University students who have been accepted or provisionally accepted to a study abroad or off-campus program offered through BU Study Abroad are required to visit the section of our website called Leaving and Returning to ensure they are familiar with the administrative aspects of study abroad and off-campus program participation. These web pages contain important information about program deposits, financial aid, registration, and housing.