Mathworks, Inc. provides high-productivity tools for solving challenging mathematical, computational, and model-based technical problems.

Our free, network-licensed MATLAB client may be installed on University-owned computers or on faculty, research and academic staff personally-owned computers. Students are not allowed to install on their own computers unless they are paid employees of the University or the University has provided them with temporary use of a University-owned computer for their coursework. To borrow our media you must print an application form, fill it out and visit the Mugar Reserve Desk.

We offer 40+ network based toolboxes as well as MATLAB and Simulink.

Stand-alone licenses are available to faculty and staff for a fee by submitting a request to “”. The cost for the standalone Matlab is about $500.00. Toolboxes will need to be additionally purchased. Toolboxes are typically $200.00 or $500.00. When submitting the request please tell us what (if any) toolboxes will be needed. A license coordinator will contact Mathworks, collect payment, and notify you when the license is ready.

Student MATLAB with several toolboxes (Simulink, Symbolic Math, Control System, Signal Processing, Statistics, Optimization, Image Processing) is available directly from Mathworks, Inc. for $99.

Click here for more information: Purchasing Student Matlab

Alternate ways to access MATLAB:

MATLAB on the Linux Virtual Lab

Remote access to the latest version of Matlab is available with your Linux Virtual Lab or SCC account (for Researchers).

The IS&T Application Server

BU Linux machines with openafs rpms have pre-installed versions of many MATLAB versions, including the latest one.