Name Title Institution
Aaron Greenlee Genuity Inc. Network Abuse Analyst
Alicia Allen MIT Installations Team Leader
Alison Grice-Knott MIT Manager of Medical Systems
Andrew Teixeira Suffolk University Systems Administrator
Anne Oribello Brown University Information Security Officer
Barbara Passoff Boston University / Sargent College Analyst/Consultant
Bill O’Connor MIT Systems Coordinator
Bob Lang MIT Consultant
Bob Mahoney MIT MIT Network Security
Brian Gerdon Boston University Network Engineer
Bryan Scovill University of New Hampshire Network Security Specialist
Carlos Moreira Boston Univeristy / College of Engineering Manager, Computing Systems
Charles Griffin Director Security
Charlie Dobbins Boston University Assistant Director/UIS App
Chip Tewksbury Boston University Medical Campus Director of Systems and Technology
Chris Misra UMass-Amherst Network Analyst
Christopher Davis MIT / Whitehead Institute Team Leader, Systems Administration
Dave Micus Boston University Associate Registrar
David Bowie Genuity Inc. Operations Security
Doug Green University of New Hampshire Net Manager
Eric Gauthier Boston University Network Engineer
F. Yatim Suffolk University Network Services
Jack Cormier MIT IT Auditor
Jim Fournier Brandeis University System Admin
Joe Szep Boston University Systems Administrator III
John Maglio MIT Sr Sys Prog
John Dvorak MIT IS Auditor/Team Leader
John Yu Boston University System Analyst/Administrator
Jon Rochlis The Rochlis Group, Inc. Consultant
Jonathan Hunt MIT Network Security Team
David Landers Genuity Inc. Network Abuse Team
Eric Jacobsen Boston University Systems Programmer
Arthur Rosata Boston University Director Info Security
Lora Fulton Boston University Security Analyst
Derek Slayton Enterasys Networks
John Malloy MIT
John DiMack Boston University / Corporate Education Center
Enelagh Joyce MIT
Matt Spring Boston University
Phirum Peang Boston University
Bill Stewart Boston University
Lou Guilbault Boston University
Kerem Limon MIT
Pedro J Perez Franklin W Olin College of Engineering
Regis Donovan
Darren Evans
Kevin Fu MIT Graduate Student
Kris Peterson MIT / Whitehead Institute Manager, Systems
Leigh Heyman MIT / Artificial Intelligence Lab Systems Administrator
Lesley Tolman Tufts University Director, Networking and Telecommunications
Lev Katz Boston Univeristy College of Engineering Consultant
Linda LeBlanc MIT
Majid Vahid Boston University Network Specialist
Margaret Sanford Emerson College Information Security Coordinator
Marguerite P. Marr Boston University BU OIT Front Office Mgr
Mark Logan Northeastern University Student Systems Group Member
Matt Mick Boston University Mgr., Residential Computing Services
Matt Perry Northeastern University NU CCS Crew
Mike Dunn Boston University Asst. Dir. DCS
Mike Fitzgerald Brandeis University Senior Network Engineer
Mike Ryan Tufts University Directory Engineer
Nenette Day FBI Special Agent
Pam Andrews Boston University Manager, Systems Support
Pat Cain Genuity Inc.
Tammy Melecio Boston University Information Security Administrator
Josie De Baere Boston University Assoc. Director, Systems Programming
Paul Stauffer Boston University Research Engineer
Pedro Perez Franklin W Olin College of Engineering Associate Director of IT
Peter S. Murray ATF Special Agent
R. Lynn Rardin Brandeis University Mgr. of Scientific Computing Facilities
R. Scott Buchanan Brandeis University Network Manager
Randy Marchany Virginia Tech VA Tech CIRT
Reynold McGuire Suffolk University Network Coordinator
Rich Graves Brandeis University Sysadmin
Robert Mee Boston University Systems Administrator
Robin Garner Tufts University
Russ Wolf Boston University Scientific Computing and Visualization
Sandra Manassa MIT IS Auditor
Saul Tannenbaum Tufts University University Systems
Scott Conti UMass-Amherst Network Ops Manager
Scott Kitterman University of New Hampshire Network Administrator
Shawn Tsetsilas Enterasys Networks
Shomari Moorehead Boston University Analyst/Consultant
Stephen Wadlow Tufts University Sr Sysadmin
Stephen Rosman Boston University Director, DCS
Chris Donald Boston University Information Security
Steve Hargis Enterasys Networks Technical Director, Office of the CTO
Steven Karel Brandeis University Biology Sysadmin
Tara Natanson Genuity Inc. Network Abuse Analyst
Tim McGovern MIT MIT Stopit Coordinator
Todd Lehman Boston University Systems Programmer/Analyst
Tom Cavin MIT / Whitaker College Mgr. Comp. Operations
Wayne Gilmore Boston University Scientific Computing and Visualization
Jim Stone Boston University Director, Consulting Services
Marjorie Orr Boston University Director, Central Systems