You can register and use multiple devices on the BU network, as described below. Read the detailed instructions below to learn how.

About use of devices:

  • Any device connected to the BU network must be registered on the network, either by connecting to the wired network and going through a network registration process OR by authenticating via 802.1x on the wireless network.
  • If you plan to use a device wirelessly, it needs to be capable of running 802.1x, as described on our wireless page. Otherwise, you will need to connect the device to the wired network, using a hub or switch. This is true even if the device works wirelessly at home.
  • The IT Help Center will try to help. However, device troubleshooting can sometimes go beyond the scope of our support and we may have to recommend that you contact the manufacturer if we cannot get something working within the scope of a normal support call.
  • You will only have one Ethernet jack per person for use of the wired network in your residence.
  • Routers and wireless access points are not allowed in BU residence halls (because they can interfere with network access for other residents).

Required steps

1. Connect the devices

You can hook up multiple devices using a hub or switch that you bring with you. Do not use a router or any wireless access point as they are prohibited in BU residences.

What is the difference between a hub, a switch, and a router?
A router uses Network Address Translation (NAT) and does not work properly on the BU Residential Network. Instead, you want a “switch” or a “hub” with the key point that they do not do their own network address translation.

2. Register the devices on the network

Note that if you intend to use the device wirelessly, it will have to be capable of running 802.1x. If that’s not an option, you will need to connect the device via the wired network, using a hub or switch. (Note: Software like Apple Configurator might also work as an alternative. See details in the Related Topics section below.)

Computers that are connected to the wired network will display a prompt to go through a network registration process.

Gaming consoles, etc. (media streaming devices, VoIP phones, and other similar devices) should not need to go through the registration process. However, if you experience a problem connecting a gaming console (etc.) to the network:

  • Please manually enroll the device at  To manually enroll, your computer must be connected to, and using only, the Resnet Wired Connection.  You will be prompted for your BU login name and Kerberos password in order to access the self-enroll page.  You will also need to know your devices MAC address, which you should be able to obtain from the manufacturer’s documentation.
  • The provided Game Console Detection instructions may also be helpful.


Can I use an Apple Time Capsule on the BU network? Yes! Learn how to configure your Time Capsule.

Can I use an Apple TV or Smart TV on the BU network? Yes. New Apple TVs and some Smart TVs require a device called a 100 Mbps half-duplex hub or switch. This makes it compatible with our wired network. Please make sure that you do not buy one which can act as a router as these are not allowed on the wired network. You will also need another ethernet cable. Once you have purchased the 100 Mbps half-duplex hub/switch you will need to connect it to the Apple TV or Smart TV with one ethernet cable and to the wall port with the other.