MathWorks, Inc. provides high-productivity tools for solving challenging mathematical, computational, and model-based technical problems including MATLAB, Simulink, and related Toolboxes.

Please refer to the MathWorks systems requirements page to determine if your platform is supported.

A FAQ is available with additional details on working with licenses as well as pointers to training and other resources.

New BU Site-wide Licensing Program

Boston University recently adopted the MathWorks Total Academic Headcount (TAH) site-wide license program giving BU students, faculty, staff, BU labs, and computing clusters unlimited access to software and licenses for MATLAB, Simulink, and 48 add-on products at no additional cost.

If you are already set up to use MATLAB, you do not need to do anything to continue use of your current installation. When you wish to download a new version of the software and additional tool boxes, you will want to take advantage of BU’s new MathWorks TAH licensing program.

Note that once each year beginning June 2018, all individual stand-alone and campus licenses will need to be reactivated online.

BU students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to get an individual stand-alone copy of the software and TAH license for each of the machines on which you are the sole MATLAB user (includes office and personal machines). The new licensing structure permits your machine to run MATLAB without access to the network once you have downloaded the software and activated your license.

  • Create a required Mathworks Account on the MathWorks BU Portal using your BU email address as your credential.
  • Log into the Portal and download and run the MATLAB installer.
  • Authenticate using your MathWorks Account. Select the “40523728 Individual Academic – Total Headcount” license. Install the software you choose.
  • Activate your license.

Note for Faculty If you have been using a concurrent network license on the IS&T server (typically this has been the model for faculty and staff running MATLAB on a BU owned machine and accessing the license server on campus or through the VPN), it will continue to run as is. When you want new versions of the software and additional toolboxes, you should acquire an individual stand-alone license from the MathWorks BU Portal.

For single workstations running MATLAB used by several people, the MathWorks TAH campus license should be used. The new licensing structure permits these machines to run MATLAB without access to the network once the software has been downloaded and the license activated. Please go to the MATLAB campus license page (BU login required) for further instructions on setting up the campus license.

For large scale MATLAB deployments in larger classrooms, labs, and clusters, the MathWorks TAH concurrent network license on the IS&T server should be used. Using MATLAB in these environments requires the use of BU’s network (on campus or through the VPN) to access the license server. The TAH license also accommodates large scale installations that do not have access to BU’s network. If you wish to use either type of installation please create a support ticket by sending email to

For those who need access to greater computational resources, MATLAB is available on the Shared Computing Cluster SCC. MATLAB is also available on the Linux Virtual Lab, the BU Commons, and on various classroom lab machines.