How Faculty and Staff can Obtain Mathematica:

Home Use:

Home-use copies of Mathematica are available to faculty and academic staff. (Kerberos password required).

Labs/on-campus Offices :

The Mathematica software is available for download here: download

Here are some listed system requirements (the link will take you to Wolfram’s Website): System Requirements

IS&T Application Server:

Mathematica is available on departmental machines that run BU custom Solaris and Linux. Ask your system administrator whether your UNIX / Linux machines are connected to the Information Service’s Technology’s Application Server and if so, whether /usr/local/IT/bin is in your $PATH.

SCC: Remote access is available with your Linux Virtual Lab or Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) account (for Researchers).

Faculty or research sponsored SCF project:Faculty and research staff can request Scientific Computing Facility resources on a supercomputer for a class or current project. This is a good solution when a project requires extra power.