The BU Linux team answers a lot of questions. To make things quicker for everyone, we’ve tried to collect the most common here. Choose from the categories below.

Top Questions

What is BU Linux?

Linux is a powerful open source Unix-like operating system. BU Linux is based on CentOS , but specifically tailored for the BU environment. We’ve added security updates, made modifications to make software work better with the way things are set up here … read more.

Why should I use BU Linux instead of one of the many other Linux distributions?

When you install BU Linux, your machine will be configured to work with the computing environment here right away — no tweaking to get things to go. We’ve added security fixes and a bunch of applications we think you might find helpful … read more.

How does BU Linux differ from Red Hat Linux / CentOS / Fedora?

Although the core of BU Linux is very similar to that of CentOs or Fedora (any packages written specifically for CentOs/Fedora or Red Hat Linux should work fine), there are many key differences … read more.