Author: yehs

Student Spotlight: Michael Hendrick

Michael Hendrick (CAS ’20), WinWin College is hard; there is no denying that. For freshmen and incoming students, it may be even more daunting when entering college-level courses and not really having someone to study with or share notes. BU Senior Michael Hendrick recognized this problem, and wanted to make the studying process a lot smoother […]

Student Spotlight: Sydney Gullet

Sydney Gullet, Juriscape In today’s political climate, it is crucial for people to be aware of their legal rights, something that BU senior Sydney Gullet thinks is important information to spread to as many people as possible in order to ensure their own safety. “Essentially, the problem I found was that many people are misinformed, […]

Student Spotlight: Sameer Chaturvedi

Sameer Chaturvedi (CAS ’21), Software Developer and Founder of  FollowThrough Practice makes perfect, especially for athletes who work hard everyday in practice in order to perform their best for their games and competitions. Sameer Chaturvedi (CAS ‘21) is devoted to the game of basketball, but realized that the learning techniques on proper form and movements […]

Student Spotlight: Sarah Greisdorf

Sarah Greisdorf (CAS ’20), CEO & Founder of Holdette Sarah Greisdorf has a substantial yet growing list of roles since arriving at Boston University. Among the general responsibilities that any student has, Sarah can include being the CEO & Founder of Holdette, Director of BostonHacks and UXD Program Lead at BU Spark!  “When I was […]