Authorization Letters

If you would like to allow your teaching fellows/research assistants, secretaries or work study students to check out materials for you, please supply the following information to the library on departmental letterhead stationery*:

  •  your name
  •  your ID number
  • your phone number
  • Please be explicit: Should this person be able to A) only check out items; B) be able to print out all items I have checked out and/or C) have access to all printouts available from your record, including fines ?
  • Name of person(s) you wish to charge out materials for you
  • ID number of person(s) you wish to charge out materials for you
  • The length of time you wish each person to have access (up to one academic year): fall semester; spring semester; summer session I; summer session II
  • Please sign in full and date the letter to be kept on file at the Circulation Desk. (you may wish to make copies of this letter for each of your authorized users to carry with them as well.)
  • If you choose to have your representatives check out items without your ID (NOT RECOMMENDED), they must have a photocopy of your ID with them that states the same. You will also need to state this in your authorization letter (kept on file at the library) that a photocopy of your ID is acceptable for transacting library business here.


*For first time use, along with the original authorization letter your proxy MUST HAVE your ID  (even if in the future a copy of your ID is acceptable to you) as well as their own BU ID.
For subsequent transactions, anyone transacting business for you at the library must have their own BU ID card with them at the time of each transaction as well as your card (or your approved card photocopy).

Thank you for your cooperation. These procedures are in place for the security and proper use of your library privileges.