BU Hillel is Here for Students

When BU closed campus earlier this spring, our hearts broke. College is the best time in a young person’s life, and instantly students were sent home. Students live for being on campus, hanging with friends, and creating lifelong memories. Our hearts go out to each BU Terrier.

We have constantly been hearing from students since the closure. Their minds are in many places, and emotions intense. Many students are lonely, scared, and isolated. Some are still alone in their apartments for fear of getting or giving the illness to a loved one. Some have been unable to travel home due to restrictions or concern of getting sick.

Please check out summer professional opportunities for current students through BU Hillel, and a welcome page for the class of 2024

Since we launched Virtual BU Hillel in March, we have welcomed 900+ students to over 100 programs. More important, we have been there for our students when they need us most. Our staff and student interns have conducted 900+ one-on-one interactions and conversations during this challenging time. When students get on Zoom or Facetime with us, they share their emotions, struggles, and victories – and we celebrate them and listen to them. Also, they have shared their love for each other and desire to create purpose and meaning.

We have a full list of well-being resources from BU at the bottom of this page.

The BU Hillel building will remain closed during this time and until further notice. Right now, our staff are working tirelessly on plans for the fall semester, pending many updates and more information in the weeks and months ahead. If you have any questions or concerns, or just need someone to talk to. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our staff.

What Happened During Spring Semester 2020 Virtually

See all the BU Jewish Leadership Team Projects that happened this spring during Virtual Hillel!

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A few scenes from virtual programming and engagement:

From Spring 2020 semester, these were BU Hillel Resources/Support for BU Students:

  • Virtual Coffee Dates and Group meetings: Our building might be closed, but we are still very open, and we want to spend time with you. We will host these via videochat (Zoom/Skype/FaceTime). We can use this time for talking about anything you’d like: checking-in, career advice, Jewish learning, personal support or whatever.
  • Shabbat and Jewish Holidays: Being together is a huge part of being Jewish, especially on Shabbat and holidays. While we won’t be hosting the occasions in person at BU Hillel, we will be exploring a wide range of options to enable Shabbat and holiday learning and celebrations virtually. We want to work with you to plan these times as best as possible – Shabbat, Passover, and other spring holidays and commemorations.
  • JLF Classes: We love learning with you! Our JLF classes will continue to meet as scheduled. Each facilitator will be in touch with you regarding moving our meaningful and fun cohorts to a virtual classroom.
  • Student Ideas and Events: We are here to support your passions. Many students have already stepped forward with ideas to add meaning and purpose during this difficult time. These include cooking classes, discussion groups, art contests, professional development, meditation, and more. Have an idea? Reach out to Emma Lorsch (elorsch@bu.edu).

BU Student Health Services Resources for Well-Being:

For mental & emotional health –

  • Headspace App for Mindfulness & Meditation – The Wellbeing Project
  • Virtual Counseling & Support Groups – Behavioral Medicine & SARP
  • Virtual Wellness Workshops – NITEO, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Virtual Yoga & Meditation – BU School of Public Health (open to all students)
  • Virtual Collegiate Recovery Program Supports – Wellness & Prevention Services

For spiritual health –

  • Virtual meditation and Shabbat dinner – Hillel

For physical health

  • Telehealth medical services – Student Health Services
  • Ways to Keep Moving Wherever You Are, FitRec
  • Virtual nutrition counseling and workshops – Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

For social connection –

For success in school –

  • Virtual coaching sessions, requests for support & accommodations, and more – Disability & Access Services
  • Virtual peer-tutoring, writing assistance, language link, and more – Educational Resource Center

For financial wellbeing –

  • Assistance for students facing financial hardship – University Service Center

An additional note: If any students are staying on campus and in need of kosher certified meals, please email BU Hillel Dining Director, Avi Foint (afoint@bu.edu).

Lots more to come…hang in there. We are in this together.

Please email any of us – we are here for you…

Rabbi Jevin, jeagle@bu.edu 
Ethan, esobel@bu.edu
Deborah, debglick@bu.edu
Rabbi Elie, elie@bu.edu
Arielle, alandau@bu.edu
Danielle, dneeman@bu.edu
Orr, ogrosman@bu.edu
Emma, elorsch@bu.edu
Justin, jpheld@bu.edu
Jenna, jshaw1@bu.edu