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Spring 2023 BLT Internships/Fellowship applications are NOW OPEN – Apply here!

The BU Jewish Leadership Team is a cohort of over 130 student leaders that innovate and create diverse Jewish life and community across Boston University. There are eight main tracks that students can engage with, from professional development and Israel programming to social justice and anything in between. Each BLTer partners with a BU Hillel staff mentor to dream big and explore their identity, community, and world around them. Any BU student is welcome to participate, join, or check out any of the initiatives, internships, or fellowships below. Have an idea for a program or project that does not exist yet at BU Hillel? No problem! We will work with you to help your goals come to life. 

Once you are in the BLT, you will have access to our leadership WhatsApp group and exclusive opportunities such as food events and getting professional headshots

Throughout the past year, the BLT has provided Jewish students with programs to connect and form new friendships. BLTers have been some of the most innovative and driven Jewish student leaders across all Hillels, from our award-winning Care Fellowship to our prominent Social Justice Fellowship! If you are looking to leave your mark and help build community, consider joining the BLT. Reach out to Jesse at jsteinma@bu.edu to learn more.

We invite you to join the BLT program – if you want to learn more about our internships and fellowships, check out the application where all of the fellowships/internships are described in the Google form. No prior experience is needed! Here is what we are offering:

  • Building Bridges Internship (connected to Israel Uncovered Mission) – fall semester 
  • BU Birthright Internship – semester or full-year
  • Care Fellowship – semester or full-year
  • Coffee Crew Engagement Internship – full-year
  • Communications Internship – semester or full-year
  • Professional Mentorship/Internship Matching – semester or full-year
  • Social Justice Organizing Fellowship – semester or full-year

In addition to the programming within your internship or fellowship, you will have access to a staff mentor to help you achieve your goals and projects, free marketing and event space, access to $50,000 in funding, free professional headshots, and invitations to exclusive cohort gatherings.

Contact Jesse Steinman (jsteinma@bu.edu) with any questions!

BLT Benefits:

Good news: A staff mentor will help you pursue your passions, from sustainable chocolate to learning Hebrew. You have access to funding, our marketing resources, and much more.

Better news: Being part of the BU Jewish Leadership Team is more than just a title – you get to be part of a 160+ student leader community that actually communicates, shares ideas, and hangs out. 

Best news: Not only do you have access to mentorship and funding, but BLT exclusive events, too! Hangout with the student leaders incubating Jewish life at BU. In the past, student leaders have attended the following exclusive events:

Sunset Cantina (pool, food, games)

Cruise along the Charles (DJ, food, games)

Virtual tea tasting and tie-dye

Personalized postcards

Free professional headshots

Here’s a list of the initiatives for the 2021-22 school year:

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BLT Program Planning Resources

Program Guide: To submit a program guide, click here.

Marketing Request: To submit a marketing request, click here.

View Photos from BLT Projects

“Being involved with BLT gave me the space to interact and engage with a Jewish community at my school that is as interested in getting involved with the greater Jewish community at BU as I am. Such an opportunity strengthened my sense of Judaism, especially at school, as it gave me a greater connection to the Jewish presence on campus” – Tess Ravick, ’22


What is the BLT?

The BLT is the BU Jewish Leadership Team. If you are interested in taking on any kind of leadership role at Hillel–big or small–you can email Jesse (jsteinma@bu.edu) and he will reach out to you with the next steps, which will include a staff mentor to help you get started!

Am I Jewish enough to be in the BLT? 

Yes! Yes! Yes! The beauty of the BLT is that our leaders are meant to represent ALL Jewish students. Whether you went to Hebrew school (and found it terribly boring, or loved it), grew up in Israel, found out you were Jewish yesterday, love bagels, have never been to synagogue, celebrate Shabbat, or are simply curious about Judaism you are welcome to join the BLT! 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the BLT?

Reach out to Jesse Steinman at jsteinma@bu.edu and he can answer any questions you may have about the BLT! He would love to take you out for coffee or froyo and get to know you better!