The BU Jewish Leadership Team is an umbrella of all leaders that incubate and create diverse Jewish life across Boston University. There are 6 main tracks that students immerse within. Each BLTer partners with a BU Hillel staff mentor to dream big, and explore their identity, community, and world around them. Any BU student is welcomed to participate, join, or check out any of the initiatives below.

To get involved in any of the initiatives, just click on the initiative’s FB page or email the student in charge!

Interested in piloting a new initiative?  Apply here.

Initiative Description Track Who to Contact Email Student’s Involved
Birthright Interns Promote Birthright across campus Exploration Danielle Neeman Jess Urkov, Abigail Grote, Jordan Grannick, Dorian Gold-Diamond, Elijah Blumenkranz, Alex McCall, Emma Schlauder, Marc Bernstein, Nicole Abato, Remi Work, Tess Ravick, Ilana Ovental, Lauren Knasin, Molly Retik, Marissa Osofsky, Noah Riley, Joshua Bender, Alex Feldman, Hodi Miller, Jessica Ayer, Lauren Cooper, Rebecca Klestzick, Alden Lebov, Ryan Myler, Madelyn Sassoon, Ryan Schlossman, Jack Sila, Cheyenne Tipton, Maya Webb
Boston Area Volunteering Volunteer at Daily Table Empowerment Remy Frohman Remy Frohman
BUjewish Leaders Interested in becoming a BLTer? Contact Ben! Ben Hersch Jon Berlowitz, Joshua Berman, Julia Blay, Tal Bodner, Adam Dolinsky, Elie Dwek, Drew Faria, Jordan Green, Anya Keller, Melissa Kovar, Jesse Lamba, Myles Ullman, Ben Levy, Mika Rudsky, Rachel Dembo, Lev Paasche-Orlow, Melissa Albert, Jeffrey Berlowitz, Aron Friedlander, Jacob Lawrence Kreiss, Sydney Mogul-Campbell, Ruby Rosenberg, Emma Weiss, Aviv Aloni, Talya Laver, Breezie Miller, Nir Shukrun, Leeor Avgi, Deni Budman, Jacob Gurvis, Matthew Hinshaw, Michael Dratch,
BUSI Boston University Students for Israel IFocus Ben Atlas Ben Atlas, Hannah Barenboim, Sam Feigelson, Carly Mast, Shelli Gorokhovsky,
Challah for Hunger Bake and sell challah to raise money to fight food insecruity Empowerment Sam Cooper Sarah Besser, Samantha Cooper, Michelle Goltsman, Amanda Boucourt, Alec Vaughn, Joseph Besser
Coding Technical Honors Society Computing and coding for fun and academic prowess Empowerment Alan Burstein Alan Burstein
Coffee Crew BU Hillel Engagement Interns they take students out for coffee and help them with their transiton into college Discovery Arielle Landau Oksana Chubrikova, Rachael Cohen, Normandie Essig, Kyle Koslowsky, Hannah Levin, Dafna Lewis, Allegra Long, Jessica Mandel, Josh Ohebshalom, Mikey Pliskin, Olivia Ritter, Nicole Shamash, Reena Wolnek, Rebecca Yakubovich,
Conservative Minyan Explore your Jewish Identity in and open, welcoming and religiously traditional setting Identity Conor Dedrick Natasha Fumkin, Conor Dedrick
David Project Travel to Israel and build coalitions with multicultural and multifaith clubs across campus Coalition Building Orr Grosman Carmelle Dagmi, Emma Berman, Emma Sprecher, Jessica Ayer, Suzie O’Michael, Elizabeth Leach,
Feminist Shabbat Feminist themed shabbat experience Identity Emily Roe Emily Roe, Emma Barg
Fun Run 5k race to raise money for accessible bomb shelter playgrounds in Sderot, Israel Empowerment Emma Sprecher Sevana Hacobian, Emma Sprecher, Lauren Gruber, Jack Gillman, Maddy Lorange, Thomas Sava,
Hasabara Fellow Lead Israel education opportunities for campus community IFocus Michael Meagher Michael Meagher
Hillel Basketball Tournament Weekend getaway experience and Basketball tournament at the University of Maryland Empowerment Ariel Stein Ariel Stein, Elizabeth Ritz, Desiree Sahhai, Shayna Scott
Jewish Empowered Women (J.E.W) Group learning and programing focusing on Women in Judaism Empowerment Kayla Lesch Cassie Berta, Kayla Lesch, Emily Sorkin
Jewish Penicilin Matzo ball soup delviery for sick students Empowerment Alexa Lipkin Abby Partnow, Alexa Lipkin, Alana Schwarz
Mishelanu Campus social group for Israeli students IFocus Jonathan Paserman Ben Badnani, Jonathan Paserman
Mural Painting Hillel Beautification Project Empowerment Ethan Sobel Sam Weinberger
Reform Minyan Explore your Jewish Identity in and open, welcoming and religiously liberal setting Identity Mikey Pliskin Mikey Pliskin, Olivia Ritter, Allegra Long, Rachael Cohen, Leah Schwartz, Andrew Gross
Ski Retreat Ski weekend end getaway to Vermont Empowerment Josh Oheb Sydney Berman, Josh Ohebshalom, Matan Ziegel, Oksana Chubrikova
Table Talk Discuss everything that’s important from mental health to the Super Bowl Empowerment Hannah Goodman Hannah Goodman
Tree of Life Planting Planting trees on campus in honor of the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh Identity Maya Webb Jamie Rubin, Maya Webb
Wellness Getaway 2.0 Weekend getaway experience in Vermont, focused on wellness Empowerment Andrew Waxman Michael Dratch. Andrew Waxman,
YAG (Young and Gay) Campus social group for LGBTQ students Empowerment Danielle Tesler Danielle Tesler, Pablo Jimenez
Yes on 3! Trans-rights advocacy Empowerment Lillian Isley Greene Lillian Isley-Greene
Zumba Have fun dancing and working out with your friends! Empowerment Mia Sugarman Zoe Ades, Mia Sugarman
Religious Life Council Retreat Religious Life Retreat Identity Dynnor Shebshaievitz Connor Dedrick, Natasha Frumkin, Dynnor Shebshaievitz

Last year we:

  • Networked with the founder of DAVIDsTEA, David Segal and NFL Network chief correspondent, Andrea Kremer
  • Discussed the memory of the Holocaust with 7 survivors in 7 living rooms across campus with 200 participants
  • Raised $800 for the Greater Boston Food Bank by baking and selling Challahs
  • Raised $200 for Save a Child’s Heart by running a bubble soccer tournament
  • Brought together students from across the political spectrum to hear former U.S. Amb. to the Middle East, Dennis Ross speak.
  • Led 12 students on an ASB trip to South Africa
  • Relaxed in the lounge to play Super Smash Brothers and watch some Boston Sports with Wings

By becoming a BLTer:

Good news: You get a staff mentor, helping you pursue your passions and dreams. You have access to funding, our building, our marketing resources, and much more.

Better news: Being part of the BU Jewish Leadership Team is more than just telling you – you get to be part of a 100+ student leader community that actually communicates, shares ideas, and hangs out. 

Best news: Not only do you have access to mentorship and funding, but BLT exclusive events, too! Hangout with the student leaders incubating Jewish life at BU. This fall, student leaders are getting together at:

  • Sunset Boat Cruise in Boston Harbor (complete with a DJ and food) – November 2018 (complete)
  • FREE professional headshot and profile on our website – Spring 2019
  • Cohort Event in Boston – Spring 2019